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Default What's "srb2sav1.ssg"?

When I first booted up SRB2 and exited it, a file was created called "srb2sav1.ssg" and I got very curious about it. I think it is a saved game file, but I am not too sure. What is it?
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Exactly that: A save file. Precisely the one on file slot 1.

NOTICE: Game must be restarted to record statistics.
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Really smart guy for asking, and I'm being honest with you dude, really smart.
I also asked the same question, thinking it could be a virus or something, but my brother answered right away~.
Don't worry though, computers now-days are good enough to handle weak viruses and some medium strength ones.
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Ashley The Fox
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SSG files are your save files. Each number is the order of every single saved game you have.
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