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Default The SRB2 2.2 Music Discussion

As you might know they changed the music. What do you all think of it compared to the 2.1 music version? Is some of it better, worse, or neutral to you?

Personally I am neutral to most of the 2.1 and 2.2 music as in no feelings for it. However I will say the ones I liked better between the two below.

Egg Rock Zone Act 1 and 2 - I strongly prefer the 2.1 version even though 2.2 version is okay but 2.1 version was super great. It is 2 of the 3 srb2 music I downloaded to my music list. I deeply miss that epic music. It made repeating that level worth it just because the music itself.

"Yeah I got crushed again, but at least get to continue listen this cool tune!"

Curious to what the 3rd music I downloaded? That would be the Special Stage music before it became Nights. I still prefer 2.1 over 2.2 which is okay.

There is one level music in 2.2 I do like which would be Red Volcano Act 1 music.
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I'm not a big fan of the new ERZ music but I wasn't a big fan of the old guitar solo either, but at least the old one sounded more memorable.

Invincibility theme feels like it's missing something.

Other than that, I think the rest of the tracks are fine, my favorites include ACZ2 and DSZ1.
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The music update is wonderful. Especially Deep Sea Zone 1
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I agree Deep Sea Act 1 is interesting tune. It caught me off guard cause I was thinking they were all remixes not completely changed or strongly remixed be almost indistinguishable from the previous music version.
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time gear
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I like the music from both 2.1 and 2.2. I feel like the music in each respective version fits better with the differences in each level. For example, Castle Eggman is pretty radically different both visually and from a level design standpoint in each version. The version from 2.1 (and earlier) fits the more simplistic visuals, but the new version in 2.2 is much more suited to how much more is going on in general.

GFZ is another noteworthy example, where the changes to level design are fairly minimal and it's generally a visual overhaul and some new slopes added in. The old music was quite fitting to what the zone was before, but now the zone is filled with life it never did before and I feel the new music reflects this quite well.

I can't really think of a single instance in which I prefer the music from one of the two versions playing in the other version's level, with exception to ERZ due to it's overhaul not being ready yet. I do enjoy the new rendition of the music in this level, but I will probably enjoy it more when the level is changed to suit the music tracks better.
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I like it a lot, it’s much more varied and energetic. The new soundtrack sounds a lot more like Sonic music while the old one sounded like...well, a Doom mod.
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Accidentally posted this to the other music thread so Ill just paste it here.

Not going to lie when I first heard the wip version of GFZ 1 I was so worried that the soundtrack was going to remove all of the smooth melodic lines of the original and replace them with some weird electronic / genesis styled mess. Luckily though once I started playing I was blown away. While I still prefer something about the softness of the OG GFZ, I can not deny that the new version are a massive improvement.

The only track that I just can not get into is Eggrock. No matter how hard I try I just can not get into these tracks. While its a common point of controversy I still believe that the solo is the heart of the track and without it in the forefront, or some kind of similar "epic" melodic line it just doesn't stick to my ears. Both start great but lack that big "oomph" moment. Similarly, the metal sonic race theme just didn't do it for me, but as a short 90 second race I didn't mind it much at all.

Frozen Hillside sounds like a Spyro 3 track which is pretty rad. I thought it was weak at first but I've grown to like it.

A real gem though is Haunted Heights, it is ridiculously catchy and the production is awesome. I love that that sort of string synth that carries the backing part of the track. Especially love the break down part at 00:48 that has that backing choir, just a really standout track.

In terms of the main campaign the one I keep returning to is Deep Sea Act 2, it is fantastic and a wonderful improvement on the original. I'm wondering thought what kind of synth did they use for the opening descending line, that really lite synth. Similarly I'm wondering what synth they used for that spacious part at 0:43.

Overall the new soundtrack is really good and in many cases better, more complex and more interesting than the original versions.
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I, personally like the 2.2 music. It just adds more instruments, overall making the music sound better that 2.1.
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