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its a small world
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Default SRB2 Doombuilder 3d crash?

I enter 3d mode in SRB2 Doom Builder: all I get are white textures... If I assign a texture to a wall and exit 3d mode this happens... But it works fine in game for whatever reason see?
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SRB2 Doom Builder hasn't been updated since 2010, so it's no wonder it doesn't work. You should use Zone Builder instead for an all-around better experience.
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OR if someone 'recreates' (SRB2) Doom Builder. (Which, most likely not going to happen.)
I don't know why or when the bug occurs, and I'm still using it.

I also dislike the fact that you renamed Silver as Storm. Lat' has worked very hard on it and to be honest, I find that offensive. You literally made a recolor of someone's hard work. Well done.
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Zone Builder is the direct evolution of SRB2 Doom Builder and improves on it in every way, so it's confusing when people still want to use something as unstable on modern OSes as SRB2 Doom Builder.
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Monster Iestyn
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Originally Posted by toaster View Post
SRB2 Doom Builder hasn't been updated since 2010
This is SRB2 Doom Builder 1, not SRB2 Doom Builder 2. So downgrade 2010 to ...2007? Or was it 2006.

What version of Windows are you using there btw, its a small world? May have something to do with why you have these problems, but I'm not sure. I know it works fine on Windows 7 at least. It may need you to set compatibility for Windows XP or something, though, I forget.

Otherwise yeah, Zone Builder is generally considered the thing to use these days. May be worth checking it out, whether or not "it doesn't work because it's old" is really true for SRB2DB1 in this case. =V

(seriously guys, Zone Builder has only been out for half a year, and already you treat SRB2DB1 like the map editor equivalent of XWE lol)
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ms reflec beat stan
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Well, it pretty much is. It doesn't even support slopes!
Originally Posted by Arf View Post
Stop trying to make slopes, guys.
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