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Default SRB2 version 2.2 release date set

Posted by Rob Tisdell on 11-30-2019 01:05 AM.

Hey all! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to finally be releasing 2.2! We’re going to be making it available on Saturday, December 7th for all to download!

Due to the high server traffic we are expecting, 2.2 will initially only be downloadable as a torrent. If you do not have a torrent client, we are recommending Deluge, which you can find at . We will try to have a few other mirrors up, but you should be prepared for this release assuming we don’t have any. We can’t wait for you all to play! One more week!
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Little Monster
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OMG finally the time has come! So excited to play it :D
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The one and only!
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Brilliant! Now my Grandchildren dont have to wait to play this.
~ MK
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or Clutsi
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I'm crying of joy right now, just hearing this makes me think the wait was worth it
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Also this game was deleted from Google Play Store recently btw

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Incredible! So many years and this thing is still kicking... it nearly brings tears to my eyes. I love you guys and I'm super proud of what you've done!!
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wow, never thought i'd actually live to see the day. congrats developers, i'm sure you did an amazing job these past 5-6 years!
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I have never been this happy!
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Huh. Neat.

Originally Posted by GreenKnight9000 View Post
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I genuinely want to take this moment to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart, for pouring so much love and care into this wonderful little game! It's honestly surreal to think that in one week from now, I'll be playing my most anticipated game in my entire life!
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PK3 Fetishist

I'm excited for this more than I am for Half-Life Alyx!
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Trolo Bobo
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Wow, I don't check this message board for months and right when I do this happens :)) congrats to all the devs, really excited for this!
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Thank you.
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live and learn
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YES Thank you. My little bro and i are going to have so much fun.
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I'm so glad I periodically check back here. Good job on the update guys!
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Super Neko~
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HOLY SHIT. It's finally happening and I'm hyped for this release so much now! In fact, I made this in my hype for 2.2's release! Hope you all enjoy and I can't wait to play the game December 7th(which doubles as a early bday gift too!), STJr!!
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My god. Itís finally happening. Iím so excited to finally get my hands on 2.2! Thank you Stjr, for everything youíve done to keep this game alive this long. We all truly appreciate all the hard work you put into this.
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After over 10 years of my childhood nostalgia and just in time for Christmas. Can't wait to check it out!
I'm all steamed up! |
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I'm super excited to try out 2.2 once it releases! It's amazing how far this game has come, 20 years old and still going... you guys should be proud of yourselves.
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Also known as TemporaryAl
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Can't wait, I'm sure it will be amazing as always. Good job guys!
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