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I personally love ports. I have the SRB2wii port on my wii, and the reason I support the idea of ports, is the idea known as "why the hell not?". I sometimes go on my wii and play The Walls of the Void on srb2wii, simply because the experience on the Wii simply seems..different. A pleasant kind of different. Not really sure how to explain this reasoning, but it's just amazing to port things to other things.
Portal Disco Anyone?:
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Originally Posted by Unknownlight View Post
Fullscreen on Mac works fine for me (as of 2.1. The game crashed entering fullscreen in 2.0). What happens when you try?
The game immediately crashes, whether I try to enter fullscreen after the game is loaded or on startup. I made a topic about it back in March. Netplay is completely broken in the mac port as well.

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