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Default Online Save Games

I was wondering if there were any other ways besides SRB2 PlusC to save online game as that isn't supported anymore.
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Red The Pyrohog
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Well, 2.2 appears to be able to have that coming. So maybe.
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Stop it
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Sadly last I know 2.2's new Lua save feature is only going to be applied to SP save files, which is undeniably going to be a million times less versatile than PlusC's I/O as it won't work in netgames at all to begin with.
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So is a better boss and stage in the works or is this massive disapointment gonna really be the end of the game?
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AKA FuriousFox
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We tried adding a way to save online progress back in 1.09, however it was very buggy and eventually we decided to scrap it. At the very least, you can just use level select to get back to where you were.
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The "Luabanks" extra-data feature is synchronised in netgames but nothing is ever written to an external file unless playing in singleplayer. It is less versatile than SRB2IO because SRB2IO is overkill for many usecases, and if I remember correctly it won't be in 2.2 because of netplay sync issues (necessitating the way smaller feature).
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