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Default Favorite Things in SRB2

The "sequel" to "Least Favorite Things in SRB2"
I got a couple of things.

-Arid Canyon's design
-Such good memories I had with it
-Community makes it run strong
-The huge change to THZ2
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Old 10-13-2019   #2
Llitechiel ꙮ
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I think my favorite thing about SRB2 that I often forget about and take for granted is how easy it is to run, as compared to modern PC games. It's very light, and maybe apart from graphically-intensive addon levels, it keeps maintaining full frames.
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Old 11-22-2019   #3
Default Re: Favorite Things in SRB2

Two things:
- Arid Canyon
- Add-Ons (Speaking of, HOW TO ADD THEM TO THE GAME???)
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Old 11-22-2019   #4
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It's free and easy to run/mod, and the friendly faces I've met with so far in the community definitely help out. Y'all are great.
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Old 12-12-2019   #5
Mystic Monkey
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What I like about Sonic Robo Blast 2 is that the zones are designed to appeal to both Sonic fans who love to explore their surroundings as well as Sonic fans who like to speedrun. If there was ever a "Sonic Adventure 3" I hope SA3 takes pointers from SRB2, I would love to play SRB2-tier stages in a Sonic Adventure game.

I haven't played SRB2 in awhile so seeing the stages revised, expanded and now with slopes make this game practically SRB3 by now.
I noticed some fans have asked for traditional shuttle loops in the past but I think SRB2 is better off without loops. Slopes make it feel like a whole new game and adding in shuttle loops just feel like unnecessary measures to pad it out.

Ironically what I highly praise about the game is also a critism, sometimes the stages are so large and offer a lot of routes to the point that each stage is almost open-world that it is easy to get turned around or lost in. (That's exactly what happened to me on Frozen Hillside Zone. I was being thorough in exploring but was also trying to progress only to take a big circler and ending up back at the start of the map.)

It's why on the Suggestion thread I suggested TAB button to toggle a simple compass that points to the goal. Just something that will help players find their barings and direct them to an exit.
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Old 12-16-2019   #6
Golden Shine
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The new whirlwinds in ACZ are sweet. Yep. It's true.

I love the extra routes and exploration, giving the game a ton of replay value.

Despite the dense leveldesign being hardly designed for going fast, there's almost always a way TO go fast even in the slower sections, usually thanks to the speed thok or slopes allowing for clever tricks. Never a dull moment.

Super Sonic.'s Super Sonic.

The music. It really gives the game it's own identity and an edge over other fangames.

Online. With extra gamemodes on top of Co-op, which is just going above and beyond.

And of course, it's customization. Addons, options&console commands, playstyles. There's reasons SRB2 lasted as long as it did. Mixing this with online is at least half of it.
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Old 02-03-2020   #7
PK3 Fetishist

I'm fucking addicted to SRB2, my favorite thing about it is probably the community-made content, there's a huge amount of content and custom levels to try out made by people who loved the game enough to make their own content for it, I've gotten as far as downloading older versions of the game just so I can try old OLDC entries and level packs that haven't been ported to newer versions, there's just something so timeless about the platforming in this game. Please help.
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I like the fact that it's a piece of History when it comes to Sonic Fan-games.

I also like how much Techno hill Zone changed over the years. It has to be my favorite zone in the whole game.
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