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Default the game is crashed when the character is in stnda1

I am doing a Steven universe mod and every time I get super and I am in the sprite stnda1 it is cracked without any explanation.
that's why i need help.
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I am me

The most probable thing is that you don't have the stand sprites for super, but you've got the S_SUPER marker.

I'm going to try to explain myself.
The super form can have personal sprites (Sonic is a great example) which are different from what the character normally looks like. To separate the normal sprites from the super sprites there's a marker called S_SUPER. All the sprites located under that marker will replace all the ones on top of it. So if you have the marker, but no sprites, the game won't be able to show the character, as the normal ones aren't detected, leading into crashing as you're mentioning. It will also tell that there's a missing sprite (most of the times)

You have 3 options:

ĚCopy all the normal form sprites and put them after the S_SUPER marker, and continue until you design the final super sprites, so that when you transform to super, you can still play.

ĚStart painting the super sprites and set them

ĚDon't go super if you're going to do the normal sprites first.
It's most likely that you are missing some sprites. Try to make them or set them with already existing until you start designing

But if you're saying that you have the sprite STNDA1 and it appears but then it crashes I'm not sure what the problem is.

Basically, try to have all the sprites before testing, even if they don't match the character yet
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