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Hmmm, Mine is a common one. <3
Silver Cascade Zone
Description: I had the flag, a shield, and had lots of weapons. I was going to spin dash on the water from the red base to the blue base, and of course my spin dash failed =P I was about to spin dash right onto the bottomless pit, But then there was a random teleport, and I got teleported to the blue base and scored. =)
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That Aries Title
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Well hell i don't remember seeing this topic back in 2010.

Well me and my friends set up a IP net game on Sonic Robo Blast 2 1.09.4.

And while we are in that water stage called Hydro Plant Zone.

I was under water with tons of other guys. And my friends keep on bombing me.

So i decided to stop playing nice. And use the bomb rings as well. I bomb every single player that was underwater. Getting an easy 450 points. But then i had a 1 on my air.

So i saw a bubble. And i thok right at it. And my air time hit 0. Right then and there i knew i was going to die and lose 50 points. But then a bubble randomly move up and i thok right into it.

I say i was a very lucky guy in that match. =P
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Old 10-27-2011   #23
This is invalid!
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Well I do remember one story! (This was years ago :P)

I was playing in Prismatic Angel Zone from Mystic Realm, trying to beat it in three lives, and I was on part two. Then suddenly I made a miscalculation on a spring... And began to fall!

I was falling, and tried to land on the platforms as I fell.. I missed one, and then saw another and sighed relief, but then I missed it somehow by hitting the edge!

And I fell down, looking around frantically for another platform, when I landed. Right on the top of a column, inches from the pit.

My gosh, that was the luckiest moment I've ever had in SRB2, boy was it a relief.
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Dreazy TT
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Mode: Match
Level: <General Situation>
Character: Knuckles
Being Teleported away from a deadly player, and then seeing that somebody else took the hit for you is a great feeling. Especially when there are particular players that enjoy chasing you for points -.-'
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Old 11-27-2011   #25
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Another situation.

Game Mode : CTF
Level : Nimbus Ruins Zone

Situation : I was on top of the red base when I was hit by a bomb ring. I flew back over to the temple In the centre of the map. And that red Sonic almost killed me with a rail ring if it wasn't for a Tails that ran in front of the rail ring. He was hit into the pits by the rail ring, but it was the red Sonic's last ring, and it gave me enough to grab one and rail him into a pit.
<Sonic> Hey where's my chaos emerald?
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<Sonic> Where is it Tails? What did you do?
<Tails> Um... Shadow took it for chaos control.
<Sonic> Though so...
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