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Default 3D Model Retextures

Since 3D models are only in 1.09.4, I decided to post these here. You can use these textures for anything you want, even a brand-new fangame.
Modern Sonic Retexture:

This was meant for the NiGHTS Ideya Drone:

Shadow the Hedgehog:

And that's it. If you want the mesh to go with these, go here.
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3D models work in Opengl-2.0 IIRC.

Pretty sure Fawful got them to work.
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Yes, they work with the 2.0 OpenGL port. They have to have the right palette, obviously.

EDIT: Or I suck, and they don't use the palette. I don't know at all.
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OpenGL doesn't restrict itself to an indexed palette, so MD2 skins can be true-color images. Theoretically, so could every other graphic in the game, but the formats used by the game only support indexed colors.
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Old 03-05-2010   #5

How do I get the Shadow model? It's not there in the wiki.
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The Shadow model is the Sonic model. It's a retexture.
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Sorry if someone already answered this but if you mean SATAM by "Sonic the Hedgehog" if I remember, Tails' shoes were either exactly like Sonics or a reverse colored Sonic's, I think it might've been the latter, and by that I mean exactly like Sonic's, except the colors were inverted.

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