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Default Anyone want to talk about the left path in ERZ2?

I've just always found it funny that the left path is so awful compared to the right path. It's very gimmicky and requires patience compared to the right path that you can simply breeze through (not to mention removal of the shrink section making it even faster).

The section with the gravity flip where you have to wait for the timer, the 2D sections, the god awful section where the door opens and you have to hang onto something or being sucked into outer space. (This is creative though not gonna lie but I got so frustrated when I failed to grab on of the ledges and had to start over again.

I tried it once with each character and I just can't. The right path will always be superior in my eyes. I'm curious to know if anyone actually prefers the left path over the right. (This includes the fan section at the beginning if you have a preference for that but still favor the right that's fine).

I also never take the fan section on the left at the beginning because it's also slower. I just feel like the left paths are made to be as time consuming as possible if you're not Tails or Knuckles and even they benefit just as much as the rest for taking the right path.

On that note, what are your guys' thoughts on the left path in Egg Rock Zone 2? Love it? Hate it? Skip it? Take it?
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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
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Having played through version 2.2's campaign once as each character, and having played through the levels two more times in Record Attack to get Time and Ring emblems, I didn't go through the left path even once, and as far as I'm aware, that's only because that I remember dying to the countdown in the very first room on the left many times back in version 2.1 of SRB2, therefore instinctively thinking "it's dangerous".

That being said, I do look forward to going through the left path for collecting in-level emblems, if anything just for nostalgia's sake while seeing the areas in the left path again, but yes, for trying to just get to the end, I prefer the right path, too (again, likely just because of the very first room on the left path).
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I generally only take it in coop when I am playing as Sonic, and this is specifically because no one else will -- which means that I'll have plenty of rings to maintain Super form. But if there's any part of this path that deters me from taking the route, it would probably have to be the last segment with the chute. This would feel a lot better if it was possible to traverse monkey bars a la Flying Battery Zone, because without that, the section is just a waiting game. Not to mention it's heavily biased toward Tails and Knuckles (but what else is new?)

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