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Default srb2win.exe stopped working

Today I installed SRB2 on my mom's Windows 7 PC so me and my sister could play through LAN. It installed normally, but when I went to open the srb2win app, a window popped up and said "srb2win.exe stopped working" Now, it works fine on my Windows 10 laptop and I'm able to open the srb2win app without any problems. Does anybody know how I can fix this?

P.S. the srb2dd app works fine on the Windows 7 PC, but, of course, that's the app where you can't connect to online servers.
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Man of the Hour
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I am sure many have experienced problems with one of the other reasons the developers made srb2DirectDraw or dd, but i am sure that won't do since netgame features are removed), i am not sure what is wrong with your srb2, but it must have something to do with the files, try reinstalling it, also here is a site with information about srb2 files:
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Thanks for the link to the info. on data files. I did read that they recommend to run on modern operating systems like Windows 8. That's probably the reason why it can run on my Windows 10 and not on my mom's Windows 7 PC. And it also might have to deal with the files, 'cause I checked the error reports and it made me think that it could be an error with the files, but I'm not sure. Thanks for the help again, Boo.
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Monster Iestyn
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I think we're getting backwards here, SDL2 is recommended for modern OSes not because SDL2 sucks on older OSes. It's because DirectDraw sucks on modern OSes; more to the point it's being deprecated on them.

srb2win.exe works fine for me on Windows 7 anyway. So I doubt it's just Windows 7's fault directly in this case.

That aside, which of SRB2's renderers do you use on your mom's PC - software or OpenGL? Do you get problems regardless of renderer, or does it work on one of them at least?
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If it's crashing it could be helpful to upload the errorlog.txt and srb2win.rpt somewhere from the computer that's having trouble. Someone might be able to identify what the problem is better then.
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Monster Iestyn, where do I look to find what renderer my mom's PC uses?
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Stop it
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If you're just clicking srb2win.exe to launch the game, you're using the software renderer. Try launching the game by using SRB2 - OpenGL.bat to see if the issues persist (which is included with the release, last I know)
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I know this is an old trick but..
Did you try to change the game compatibility to XP or something like that?
The game works for me in windows 7 just fine.
I also had windows xp before and it worked the same..

Maybe you should give this a try.
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