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Default Indefinite Hiatus

The OLDC is cancelled until further notice. It will probably resume when 2.1 comes out, whatever century we happen to be in when that occurs.

Edit: No, the currently running OLDC is still in voting. This just means that it is the last OLDC for 2.0.X.

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I knew it! Man, this last OLDC really shows what we're in for otherwise.

Hopefully it'll be worth the wait. The 2.1 update would REALLY spike interest from good mappers again.
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footure semen
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Can't say I'm not shocked.

Well, hopefully I'll still be around in 2052 for 2.1
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At least i and Ariel tried to make a map for 2.0.X... NOW WE MUST WAIT UNTIL... probably 2113.
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Knew it would happen. Knew it!
So i guess it's simply dead now as 2.1 is not even getting released.
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aka Sutekh94

I can't say I'm not too surprised about this.

Also, I am predicting the next OLDC to occur whenever Half-Life 3 is released. (Valve time?)
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