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Default Emerald Start Zone Link Not Working

I want to download the Emerald Start Zone.wad file in Sonic Robo Blast 2, But the Link is closed and it's not working Right. Is there Another Link i can use to download that .wad file?
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Well, Emerald Start Zone (from what I read) is an outdated release (0.X & 1.X), therefore it won’t work for more current game releases, like 2.2. (And for that matter will only work as such if you’re using a old build of SRB2) The link is all the way back from 2006 and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s out of service/down. In the official post theres no working link, but there could be a mirror that I don’t know of. (Or someone achieved it) Otherwise, I don’t think there’s any working link for it.
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