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Earlier post updated with the rest of the SP levels.
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Default Re: Official Level Design Contest Voting: March/April 2009

Originally Posted by Jellybones69
Originally Posted by FuriousFox
MAPA5 - Scorching Valley Zone by Jellybones69

Please tell me that's not what I put in the e-mail I sent you. It's Scorching Factory Zone. Rrrr. Did I put that?
Whoops. My bad. I'm not sure how I got "Factory" confused with "Valley". It's been fixed.
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darkness claw
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Now for single player.

Poloy forest - 4/10
I found this level really confusing, the enemy placement was horrible, too.
This level could certainly do with some touching up.
But the Gargoyle-jump thing wasn't a bad idea.

Vibrant Vendetta - 10/10
Words cannot describe the sheer awesome of this level.
The gimmicks were top-notch, the music suited the atmosphere of the level and the enemy and ring placement was perfect.
Even though the Vendetta joke is now over, it was well worth it for a level of this awesome magnitude.

Dusty Desert - 7/10
Definitely a worthy level, it was just missing something.
The scenery is probably what this level is lacking most. I did notice a fair amount of sector-scenery though, nice job.

Frost Mountain Act 2 - 6/10
This level was great in the scenery department, but kind of lacked in the gameplay area.
The overwhelming crampedness of some areas was a bit annoying, but the level actually had a kind of 'cold' atmosphere to it.
Good work.

Water Leaf - 8/10
Stunning job, Mr. Thompson.
This level was an awesome combination of speed and technical areas, not to mention it looked excellent. Keep it up, your levels are getting better and better. :)

Mill Citadel - 8/10
Wow, this level had me on my toes the whole way through, the start was a bit uninteresting, but the level-tension grew throughout it.
The slide was probably the best part of it. This level is certainly filled to the brim with gimmicks, as it is with flour. :P

Eggmansion - 4/10
This level was alright, the fence at the start of the level caught my attention. But as I went through, I lost all sense of direction and wondered to myself: "What Mansion?"
Lame jokes aside, I noticed a fair amount of RedWall all over the map.
Not a bad job, but you can certainly do better.

Aqua Caves - 10/10
This was a revolution for SRB2 all on it's own.
The added scenery and enemies made all the difference.
Gimmicks galore and even crushers with spikes. That's deadly stuff.
This level has surpassed my expectations by far, and I hope you can make more of the same kind! :)

Darkvile Castle - 8/10
Well, I was pleased to see that this level lived up to it's name in being a castle. With a large amount of switches, someone could easily get lost in a level like this, but thankfully I got it right the first time around. I was actually hoping that this would be a bit harder, at the moment, it's just a tad too easy. A great job, nonetheless.

Beach Factory - 7/10
I must've gone through this level around 5 times before I noticed that the rock was actually a switch...
Regardless, it was quite a well textured map and actually 'felt' like it was situated on a beach.
Okay Chisuun, you've had your fun, now go and finish SRB2 Unleashed. :P

Floating Gardens - 5/10
Yeah, not bad. I'm glad to see that you fixed the 'items' problem, but aside from that, I didn't really notice much of a difference in the level.
The reason why the score is low was because it was so straightforward and extremely flat. Good work though.

And this concludes my review of the levels.
And I must say, this is definately the best set of Single Player maps I've seen in a long time.
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Scorching Factory Zone - 6/10
The other thing was, it's too short, try extending the level a bit.
It's as short as it is because of how many laps you have to do. I really don't like longer levels that drag on because of laps. (Even though some of my first maps were like that.)

ANYWAY. Mah single player rev00s. Multiplayer may or may not come latar.

Poloy Forest Zone, 5/10
This level is so cramped. It's hard to know where I am supposed to go sometimes, and I had no idea why water hurt me. You had lava on the sides of the level, so it would have made more sense and what have been cooler if you used that instead. The robots were also somehow way more annoying then they usually are in this level.

Dusty Desert Zone, 5/10
Nothing wrong with this level. I just didn't really have any fun with it.

Mill Citadel Zone, 6/10
Don't get me wrong, this level isn't bad. I just didn't feel anything special about it. Many areas were really cramped, so that broke the flow a lot. I really don't much else to say.

Frost Mountain Zone Act 2, 4/10
GAAH HYPERKNUX. All your levels have been cramped and tiny, and this one isn't any different. I found it hard to navigate because it was such a small space and my camera was always getting stuck.

Floating Gardens Zone, 7/10
It might just be me but I was only able to play this level in race mode. I could not find it in single player.
This level is sort of flat, but I actually found it kind of fun. Maybe because I just got through playing the cramped levels, I don't know. It was just fun running and doing simple platforming.

Darkvile Castle Zone, 6/10
For a button hunt, this didn't seem all that bad. There is nothing wrong with the level, but it was sort of bland. There were some parts here and there I really liked, though. The two endings in the level was also kind of nice.

Beach Factory Zone, 3/10
I could not even finish this level because I had no idea where to go once I reached the beach.

Aqua Caves Zone Act 1, 7/10
I love the custom things. The fishies are nice but they aren't a threat. The only way I was ever hurt by one was when I was trying to get hurt on purpose by them. It would have been nice to see some texture variation in this level, everywhere I go looks the same. And It's just a little hard to tell falling floors apart at some points.

Water Leaf Zone, 7/10
This is a nice level. It had some good parts here and there, and overall I liked it.

Eggmansion Zone Act 1, 8/10
I got lost a few times in the beginning of this level going back in circles, but that's it. The level went really nice and I had fun. I like the custom waterfall, but uh, it doesn't look any better then a non-fitting waterfall. The music choice was also nice, but it felt slightly out of place. But at least you didn't use music from Pumpkin Hill zone from SA2 or anything like that! Also, the enemies got annoying. But not to the point where I'm marking the score down.

Vibrant Vendetta Zone, 7/10
I imagined Vibrant Vendetta zone differently, but I like the way you put it better. The atmosphere of the level was really nice, and the water looked sexy. I liked some of the gimmicks you put in this level, they played and flowed well.
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Pointless note about DVCZ: I had a lot planned for this level. A bit too much, really. I had planned many more paths, several secrets including finding five hidden shrines, and tons more gimmicks. Once I had laid it all down on paper, I quickly figured out that it would be impossible to finish the level AND make it into the contest before the deadline. So, I made cuts of content, and trimmed my ideas down into something a bit more reasonable, which is what you see in this contest. Maybe later during the summer or so, I'll be able to incorporate more of my ideas into the level to turn it into what I pictured it to be.
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According to my calculations, Vibrant Vendetta is in first place at the time of this post, with Mill Citadel not far behind. Can you beat me, Ezer'Arch? >=D
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Do you have to make that kind of comment every contest? :/
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But I like making updates on things like this. It's informative.
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We could always check for ourselves, y'know, it's not that hard. :p

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Originally Posted by :SonicMaster:
But I like making updates on things like this. It's informative.
It's also annoying.

Please listen to Sonict, SonicMaster. You really do tend to do this every damn contest. This isn't the Wiki.
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Originally Posted by Sonict
Do you have to make that kind of comment every contest? :/
Well, Sonict, does it really seem that strange? A yearning for competition is a good thing. Having a hollow victory is possibly the worst part of being mapper, second only to a lack of feedback because of praise.
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one rude dude
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BZ4, this thread is for contest voting and reviews. We don't need a play-by-play announcer. I don't see what "a yearning for competition" has to do with it.

Let's get back on topic now, and keep it that way.
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Here are my reviews for the Single Player division. Each map was played in software mode as Sonic, also occasionally as Tails and less so as Knuckles. Due to the size of some of these reviews, I've enclosed them in spoiler tags; if you want to read them, just expand them.

Single Player

Beach Factory Zone, Act 1 by Chisuun - 4/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]Well, I'm not really sure what to say on this one. It was kinda fun, but felt incredibly shortlived. Essentially, it's a match-sized area where the goal is to press the button and go through the door it activates. Seems more like a tutorial level to a puzzle level pack than it does an actual stand-alone level. Personally, I had no idea there was a button and I inadvertently did the whole level all over again, though perhaps that's my own fault.

One glaring problem I noticed is a software bug in which the windows went all tutti-frutti, or whatever you'd call it. Kinda detracts to the visual department of the level. I'm also disappointed to see that there... well, really isn't anything much to see. I went to the island in the outskirts of the level, but that only had about ten rings or so. No shields or 1ups or collectibles to speak of.

Sorry to say I gave you the lowest rating in the pack, Chisuun. Just add some extra initiative to play the level longer, and your level will be fine.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

Water Leaf Zone by Mr. Thompson (AKA Sonildow) - 7/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]Most of you probably already know Mr. Thompson for his infamous STH360.wad, but had you not been keeping up on what goes on in WADBase, you would think this level was created by anybody but him. This is almost a polar opposite of the quality Thompson first presented to us with his mod, and it can only be imagined how the STH360 wad would turn out if all of his levels followed this example. Of course, STH360.wad is getting a complete makeover, so I guess we'll see!

The level for the most part succeeds in the mood and graphics department and offers a nice variety of gimmicks. Possibly my only complaint is the fact that the second half of the level contains no alternative paths or collectibles, and so the replay value sort of sinks after the first half of the level. Overall, though, a quality level, and I definitely want to see more work like this from Thompson.

What I'm afraid of is that this level is going to be disqualified for already being released on the WADBase. This would be a real shame, because I really do think it counts as new, quality material.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

Dusty Desert Zone by Chrome - 5/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]This map is based off of the Dusty Desert level of Sonic the Hedgehog (360); while the theme and music is taken from the game, the level design is completely authentic and was built for use of Mr. Thompson's STH360 wad.

I took this for a spin with all three characters, and it appears quite evident that you only created this map with Sonic in mind. I flew over massive portions of the level with Tails, and the way the level was structured allowed me to bypass many of the obstacles Sonic is forced to go through. Sonic is at a serious disadvantage in this map.

While the map starts out with bits of exploration encouraged and goodies to be found on top of tall columns, the level is, for the most part, a linear path from Point A to Point B. I have a little more problem with this than I would normally, because there's a lot of platforming involved where screwing up forces you to redo that room, and the room where you climb up to the outside of the cavern is highly guilty of this. Once again, Tails and Knuckles have a serious advantage at these parts, whereas Sonic players may get a bit frustrated.

It's a good start, but I'd like to see less of the "you screwed up, try again" situation, and adding in some alternative paths is a good way to fix this.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

Frost Mountain Zone, Act 2 by HyperKnux - 6/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]This reminds me of Gelespious Mountain, except snowy. I really like the theme and atmosphere here, it's very soothing.

First thing I want to mention (others before me already have, I'm sure), deaf your rings. It's a small detail, but the level looks unprofessional if you don't. The music choice is nice, but next time see if you can find a version of it that allows you to looppoint the song. I'm sure Sonic Retro or Galbadia Hotel has one.

Otherwise, this level has neat aesthetics and a generally good sense of platforming along with little spots to check and plunder. I'm actually a bit surprised to see this getting nines, no offense intended. Again, the platforming and flow are really excellent, but it just doesn't seem to offer much to the table that merits for a second playthrough of a level.... I suppose the undeafed rings kind of threw me off as well. Try fixing that and adding some nonlinearity and level gimmicks, and you've got yourself a surefire level.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

Vibrant Vendetta Zone by SonicMaster - 9/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]This map is SonicMaster's rendition of the community gag, "Vibrant Vendetta" and how he envisioned it. To be honest, it's almost the exact opposite of how I imagined it. While both his and my idea had sort of "fantasy" in mind, his map is very grim and more down-to-earth, whereas I imagined a more alternative-dimension-type deal, where typical level design is thrown out the window in favor of zany shit like floating water blocks and Super Mario Galaxy-like landmasses, as well as funky sugary synth music playing in the background. I guess great minds really don't think alike.

At any rate, what SonicMaster offers may or may not live up to the joke's epic expectations, but it's still solid level design overall. Multilinear level design that isn't confusing, plenty of gimmicks you've seen as well as less typical gimmicks, a unique atmosphere, lots hidden unlockables, and multiple level exits make this well worth the playthrough. I can't really think of much to criticize other than perhaps the lack of lighting to help in the case of the underwater spike-ball gimmick. If you're Orange Box savvy, one of the secret teleportations hidden in this level will probably make you laugh.

Maybe to keep the joke going, I'll create the alter ego of the level with my own map, being entirely different in theme, gimmicks, and level design. This way, when we say, "You have to complete Vibrant Vendetta Zone on Ultimate", they can say, "Which one?!"[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

Floating Gardens Zone by Kyasarin (AKA Chaos, Noki, Birdo, stop changing your name) - 6/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]The sky level of the contest. There's... not a whole lot to say on this, honestly. It's just the sky level of the contest.

Not bad, by any means, but there isn't anything that sticks out. A few monitors to seek out here and there, but essentially the level is just platforming along blocks, with a gimmick that's used only one time in the level. I've already mentioned this when I beta tested the level, but I'd like to see the cloud gimmick used more proactively; apparently you're doing that for the second act, so I look forward to it.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

Aqua Caves Zone, Act 1 by Blade T. Hedgehog - 8/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]Ah, the oldschool underwater level. What would a level design contest be without one? I mean, I guess it'd be... a level design contest without a water level, but... yeah.

The fish made all the difference in the world, if you ask me. It really helps the atmosphere to seem less barren and adds a little bit of challenge with those spike fish. The level itself makes use of rising spiked crushers, water slides, rising water, plenty of your old-fashioned gimmicks and really just makes for a fun map. The difficulty may be a bit steep, but as long as you search out those 1ups, you can stay away from a game over even if you're not very good at SRB2. Nice aesthetics, no real problems on this map. Excellent work overall.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

GS Poloy Forest by Glaber - 6/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]Poloy Forest is a forest under fire... or... something to that extent. I mean, there's no fire hazards to speak of, but the water hurts (add some sort of indication to this next time). Maybe it'd help if I knew what a poloy was.

The zone has a moderate amount of threat and a fair deal of challenge, a few hidden goodies, and even an alternative exit. Its fallback is that different pathways are streamlined in a way where it's easy to accidentally go backwards; this is a common, easy mistake to make (hell, I see it in Mystic Realm all the time), but it makes much less sense for this map to bewilder the player when it's really almost as linear of a path as it gets.

At any rate, I'd personally say this is one of your better recreations. I honestly didn't think this was port, though I guess that explains the "GS" in the title. Yeah, I'm kinda thick, aren't I.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

Darkvile Castle Zone by Simsmagic - 6/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]SRB2 meets Zelda once again as Sonic and Co. attempt to pass small puzzles and unlock doors. Now, for good reason, the SRB2 community generally discourages button hunting, but in spite of what could be seen as the elimination of optional exploration, creative gimmicks and alternative paths allowed me to squeeze some replay value out of this map.

For the most part, you are searching for buttons to either unlock doors or change the area in some way. At two points (from what I've played), there are different paths you can take, and their gimmicks are quite different, making them both worth the playthrough. Most of the "puzzles" are really simple and unfortunately only last for some amount of seconds, but most of them are fun while they last.

One thing that's quite interesting about this map is that the last alternate path you take determines how you complete the level: you either brawl with jettysyns, or you take out Robotnik and dodge pop-up turrets. A great concept, but the jettysyn bomber fight really isn't that interesting, and the Robotnik fight feels too cramped whilst the pop-up turrets can screw up the flow of the fight if you're unlucky enough to have one hit Robotnik during his "panic" phase.

I like the ideas presented here. Go ahead and expand on some of the room gimmicks so that they can have some length and even exploration as well. Also, improve the battles, especially Robotnik's arena, but also figure out how to make the badnik battle as enjoyable as possible.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

Mill Citadel Zone by Ezer.Arch - 8/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]Now, here's a good theme I haven't seen done before.

There are a number of level gimmicks to keep your eyes peeled for, but more often than not, they tie into the main level gimmick, which is the tons upon tons of flour moving throughout the level, and it's used both creatively and enjoyably enough to make the second and third playthroughs well worth the time.

In other news, I was lame enough to die at the beginning of the map.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

Eggmansion Zone, Act 1 by Knockout the Echidna - 7/10

[spoiler:0ce11849b6]Egg Mansion is the kind of level that might leave you a bit disappointed if you like to search every nook and cranny for secrets, but the entire attitude of the level is that the player ought to rip through it anyway. The jettysyns and detons are there to keep you moving, and the wide-open level design supports this notion every bit, even the underwater sections. The level is not without its alternate paths, either, so I imagine this would make for a fun map to race against other players in.

On another note, this map has Mystic Cave Zone music. Classy.[/spoiler:0ce11849b6]

One thing that's kinda funny is that three of these maps I've played before, a couple of them beta testing and another on WADBase. I also beta tested Endless Woods Zone, but from the sound of it, I don't even wanna touch the multiplayer pack, so I won't.

Overall, I'm really happy with the turnout of this division. There were no stinkers, and even though there were a few mediocre maps, it was all fun to play, and I enjoyed reviewing each of them. Excellent work, guys; for all I'm concerned, this is another Nov/Dec '08.

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Race Votes now

Single Player Votes:

Dark Vil Castle : 6/10
Not bad, but nothing stood out that much. Also needs more items outside.

Eggmansion Zone : 8/10
Great map, but has some HOM is Software and has a bad framerate. Song is a bit loud, too.

Virbrant Vendetta : 4/10
You KILLED the joke. Some gimmicks were good, but some parts were rather boring.

Dusty Desert : 8/10
Wow, very nice! Some of the platforms were a bit small, and there was one REALLY deep pit. It's not fun waiting 3 seconds for your doom.

Floating Gardens : 7/10
Not bad, but the textures blended together alot. Some parts were rather empty.

Frost Mountain Zone Act 2 : 6/10
First off, rings need to be deafed. One part has you bouncing off springs, and if you don't hold back, you die. I didn't like that. Other than that, it was ok.

Beach Factory Zone Act 1 : 5/10
Eh, quite average. It's rather short, and I went in circles once before I relized that rock was a switch.

Water Leaf Zone : 6/10
Not bad at all! Some of the platforming was a bit too tricky, though, and I had a hard time finding some of the springs.

Polly Forest : 4/10
Well, at least it wasn't 2D. The Chaos Emeralds "hiding spot" wasn't very hidden. Also, give us some warning that the water hurts.

Mill Citadel : 8/10
I loved this map. the theme was very creative, but the music choise was sorta wierd.

Aqua Caves Zone Act 1 : NA

Race :

Scale the Earth Zone : 0/10
If you can't race in it without getting kicked, it gets a 0.

Volcano Park City : 6/10
Not bad, but the crushers didn't go high enough.

Scorching Factory Zone : 5/10
I didn't really like it, but the Bowsers were a cool idea.

Endless Woods Zone : NA
Belive it or not, this was one of my first race maps. It got forgoten for a while, then I fixed it up.

I know you were joking here, but this is easier for calculating the votes on the maps you made for the contest. So, use NA or something for your own maps instead of actual numbers.

Originally Posted by Fawfulfan
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I would of put my reivew up last night if I didn't get uto logged out from here >.< anyways, here are my ratings.

DarkVile Castle = 4/10

I didn't really like this for several reasons. One is majority of the design is cramped, and the enemy placement wasn't very good, and the other reason was it suffered from CEZ act 2 syndrome. SRB2 is mostly speed & platforming, not hunt the buttons like CEZ act 2 which is why it is not as liked so much. Ok one or two buttons would be fine, but tons are not fun, and are quite frustrating as well.

EggMansion Act 1 = 5/10

I can see some effort here, but it suffers from bad software glitches, and the music is pretty loud. At least it was looped though. Your enemy placement was a bit weird in some places as well, but some ares were nice, and was playable enough to finish.

Dusty Desert Zone = 5/10

It was ok, but to play it properly, you would need to be good using the strafe buttons because that's how it played like. The level design was a bit quirky in some spots, and your textures killed my eyes in certain spots, well the sky background was nice. Some of the platforming was a pain as well especially the blue springs.

Beach Factory Act 1 = 5/10

The idea was neat, but not as well executed as I hoped it would. There were some areas which were annoying to get out of particually the big pit in the beginning, the majority of the level was quite confusing & cramped
and the enemy placement was a bit much in some areas. The design was nice, and so was bits of the platforming.

Water Leaf = 6/10

Nice visuals, but the platforming was a pain in some areas as well as being a bit cramped, and suffered dead ends.

Poloy Forest = 3/10

Oh dear, I didn't like this one compared to the others. First, it's very cramped design outside & inside, it has bad enemy placement, and hurting water? it shouldn't hurt unless Sonic has a rare water allergy we don't know of, and the original stage doesn't have water in it either. You also have wrong textures, try and edit the tree textures brown like the original had, the fire part was right however, and plus it should only be a Tails stage if it's based off the classic.

Virbrat Vendetta = 6/10

You killed the joke, but design wise, a bit better than I originally had thought. The theme was nice, a hellish sort of environment, the gimmicks were cool, but it was cramped in some areas, and the sector design made it cramped to try and get across as well, and some of the gimmicks had cheapness in them such as the fast currents with the spike ball placement in each corners =/. Otherwise I would of scored it an 7.

Floating Gardens Zone = 5/10

Ok, but not the brightest bulb in the box. You still suffer from real blandness problems & cheap death problems, although you have improved from previous betas I tested in wadbase. The majority of the design was large, but as I said about the blandness problem, you need to sort that out. The cloud gimmick was nice, but at least Tails players can not cheat in the level.

Aqua Caves Act 1 = 6/10

This one was pretty good. I like the new fish enemy thing, and the idea was quite nice. The problems were the cheap crumbling pits, I nearly got 2 game overs in total because of this, and also the majority of it is pretty cramped too. Widen it up, and sort out the cheap platforms, and I would of boosted it to a 8.

Mill Citadel = 7/10

Now this one was worth playing. I loved the design, the theme, and it has speed & platforming in it. We need to try and get more of these type of levels in SRB2. My only problems were some of the gimmicks which involved a death pit if you didn't move in time particularly the quicksand which was a bit too fast IMO, and several areas were quite cramped. But yes, nice level, it is worth playing.

Frost Mountain Act 2= My map.

Thanks for your feedback & scores guys, what I did with the spring is I thought you'd use right strafe to get to it. I should of said before the contest started, but yes, this is a good SP contest for a while. I'll try and widen the areas up a bit too, and yes, I did peg the rings, maybe not too high, I used 13 or 14 I think, and I'll boost it to 15 or 16.

Now for SonicMaster's match map.

Great Gorge Of Water zone = 3/10

Oh no SonicMaster, what's happened here? All there was to offer was a few platforms, a death pit, and very fast water current which llooked a bit glitched. I think you need to sort this one out here, because I do expect a bit more from you.
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I'm gonna start on the SP, the match and rest will come later.

Frost Mountain Act 2: 4/10: This was quite a downfall HyperKnux, because I know you could do better. There are 2 problems in here: The springs are too strong, and it's kinda easy.

Beach Factory Act 1: 4/10: Kinda easy and short. You could problably change the button texture, not like I haven't find it in the 1st time though :P.

Dark Vile Castle: 5/10: The button gimmick was kinda better, although it doesn't matter that much for me, but the boss there with the pop-turrets was kinda cheap, at least some crawlas could do better. It's also kinda bland.

EggMansion Act 1: 6/10: Thank God no more redwalls, anyway, the stage is great, although, it could have more traps, the difficulty is kinda good. The enemies also makes you wanna run fast, but you'll eventually hit your face on a trap...

Poloy Forest: 6/10: Nice level, of course, I have played Tails' Adventures, so it wasn't that hard for me, and the difficulty was kinda moderate, although there are some cheap enemy placements. Also the emerald wasn't hided well since I find it on my 1st run. Maybe if there was some flames, it could be better.

Aqua Caves Act 1: 8/10: Finally some LIVING water, seriously, we were missing of fishes sprites, and those plants textures are good too. The difficulty is a bit hard and you'll die alot, but the main the problem is the current, it's hard to control at the beggining. Those robot fishes aren't a threat actually, and for no apparent reason, but oh well...

Mill Citadel: 8/10: Blargh, the level is nice and has alternative routes, but the current of the mill is so strong, characters such as double jumpers, slow fallers or no ability ones will die alot I say, ALOT! And the crushers aren't helping either. Otherwise it's nice.

Vibrant Vendetta: 9/10: The best SP level, congratulations SonicMaster! Anyway, the graphics are NICEY, although some of them almost bleeds the eyes, such as the water, the gimmicks are also good, and for the fact that it's inspired by a joke adds 1 more point. The problem is that the enemy is so easy. At least putting some buzzes would be better for the level.
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Here's my single player map votes (the MS was being a punk, so I can't put my multiplayer votes yet :< )

Dusty Desert - 0/10

Beach Factory - 0/10

Darkvile Castle - 0/10

Poloy Forest - 0/10

Vibrant Vendetta - 0/10

Aqua Caves - 0/10

Egg Mansion - 0/10

Floating Gardens - 0/10

Frost Mountain - 0/10

Mill Citadel - 0/10

Water Leaf - 0/10

Overall I'm pretty pleased with your guys' efforts. Congrats to whoever wins!

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Sergeant Brown
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Here are the 3 others levels that I forgot to note:

Floating Gardens: 5/10: Nice level, but the enemy is quite easy, other than some crawla commanders, and there isn't much scenery for beeing a garden.

Dusty Desert: 6/10: This is a good level. The enemy is quite balanced, but it's maybe missing some scenery.

Water Leaf: 8/10: Good Work Sonildow, the stage, although it's quite simple in textures, is very good on the scenery. Both parts are good. You could have took out some crawlas though.
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Aqua Caves Zone Act 1
By Blade The Hedgehog
Score: 10/10

Not bad, But it could have used a few more textures. The fish makes the level feel... ALIVE! But in the one big room with the rising water could use some of the pillers that was in the other parts.

Vibrant Vendetta Zone
By SonicMaster
Score: 4/10

Let's see... blad level design, littel enemies in some parts and boring music.
Some of the gimics was good but the level it self felt, empty.

Dusty Desert
By Chrome
Score: 8/10

Wow, great level! There is a few small things that could be better.
First off, make the pit of death at the sandfall not so deep, as Blade said,
It isn't fun waiting 3 seconds to die. Also, please use some different texture on the huge wite things, they killed my eyes. other then that, great job!

Darkvile Castle Zone
By Simsmagic
Score: 6/10

Not much to say, this level is pretty average. But the outside part
needs dead flowers or something. I like the "destroy all enemies to clear the level"
thing. When I first saw the doors open I though I was gonna be attacked by detons.
I ain't counting off for this but.... This reminded me of Eggmansion act 1 and 3... >_>

Beach Factory Zone Act 1
By Chisuun
Score: 6/10

Eh, not much to say. The level is a tad short, and the switch
blended in to good with the other stuff around it so I didn't realy know it was there
untill I jumped on it. the level it self was.... Ok, I can't realy say anything about it.

GS Poloy Forest
By Glaber
Score: 5/10

Ew, you should have made the tree's leaves brown. And make
it a bit easier to see where to go after you get the Chaos Emerald, I ran in a circle affter getting it. Oh, you should have used some sort of color map or something to show that the water would hurt, like a red/orange?

Frost Mountain Zone Act 2
By HyperKnux
Sorce: 7/10

Average is about all I can say. But the song feels a bit out of place.

Floating Gardens Zone
By Power Cha- er... Kyasarin
Score: 8/10

Good map, needs more senery. It was a bit empty in some parts,
And the textures blended together in some parts and it was a bit wide open. Other then that, great level!

Mill Citadel Zone
By Ezer.Arch
Score 10/10

...Wow... Great map, but the music didn't quite fit.
You could have use a better flour texture like DCWHITE or something.
Other then that, Great job!

Water Leaf Zone
By Mr. Thompson
Score: 6/10

The level was ok, the music was good. but some of the springs was to hard to find.
Infact, in one spot I didn't even see the springs untill I hit them. Other then that nice level.

Eggmansion Zone Act 1
Score 1 / 0

...Ok HOW do you guys get lost when there is a arrow pointing the the direction you should go? I might reduce some of the enemy placement.
Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie
I bet you can't make a face as crazy as this!
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