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Default Help with adding characters

I can't figure out how to put characters into the game. I'm pretty sure that the wad Im trying to upload is for the version im currently using is up to date, but I can't figure it out. would someone PLEASE explain to me STEP BY STEP the proper way to load characters into the game?

and don't be stingy with the details either.
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*not being stingy with the details*

Find your srb2 directory and double click on srb2win.exe
Press the ~, it's right below the Esc key.

Now here's the hard part... Put your hands on the home keys on your keyboard (asdf jkl;)
Type the letters a, d, d, f, i, l, e, space, <wad.wad> and press the large enter key.

That's it.

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When you start the game, you will see the title screen. Before you press a button to go to the menu, open the console (by default: ` (next to the 1 key)), and type this exactly, no quotes: "addfile myguy.wad", and press enter.. Replace myguy with whatever your skin is named. (If you charecter was supasonic.wad, it would say addfile supasonic.wad)
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sorry. I must not have been direct enough for you to understand. I already know how add the file, I just don't know how to get it to work!
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Some character addon wads can be used in single player, and every wad can be used in multiplayer.
Host a game or play a two-player game, then press ~ , type: skin <wadfile>(without the <>), or go to multiplayer, then select player.
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