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Default How do I make vertex slopes? (And FOF slopes)

I tried the tutorial on the wiki but I don't get it. I assumed that for the vertices slopes the thing type corresonded with the height of the sector. Heck, for a test, I even copied the settings from the example WAD but nothing triggered. I was recently inspired to try again by SUGOI's classic genesis like slopes, but even then I got nothing. I also want to learn this so I can make curved slope sectors that descend or ascend without one of the sectors being raised above the other.

As for FOFs.. I did it once but gave up. The reason being I could only do it for one direction(south) and when I tried another direction, the FOF came out warped and mangled looking, and when it did go in the direction I wanted, it somehow shot up 100 fractunits or higher than what I specified. I don't have the WAD for it anymore so I don't know what to do.

Lastly when I try to make an FOF over a regular slope, the slope glitches out and the FOF acts like the slope isn't there, so the terrain matches accordingly.

Is there any way I can fix these problems?
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