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Default How to even add Add-ons?

I know it's a special file format (*.wad and *.pk3), but how to 'activate' them?
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On the main menu, there should be an option named "Addons". If you select that, it will bring up a directory with all the files in the same folder as your game's executable. You can navigate to any addons contained there and press enter to add them!
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Add-on to the above (heh), you can make a folder in your SRB2 folder for add-ons. This'll help locate and/or organize them should you have like a million downloaded for some reason or another.
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Old 03-08-2020   #4
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How do you post addons on this website? I know I'm dumb, but I can't find where to submit addons.
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Write your release thread in the Submissions section. By the way, the Message Board doesn't like it when the first attachment is a PK3, so attach a screenshot/gif of your addon and then the PK3.
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