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Default Gamedata not doing anything

I'm currently working on giving an addon of mine a proper MAINCFG file as opposed to just the level header it originally had. I have specified a Gamedata file and added a Clear All command. When I load the addon into SRB2, it seems to be using its own custom savedata (i.e. the vanilla SRB2 save slots don't load), and the level plays as intended, but the game will not save. No .ssg files are created. This happens regardless of whether or not I return to the title screen or exit and reopen the game.

I generally try to follow what the wiki guides say as much as I possibly can, but when it comes to Data handling the wiki fails to elaborate any further than "specify a gamedata filename".

For what it's worth, here's the whole MAINCFG file. Don't worry, it's not very big:

GameData = WWZ1.dat
TitleMap = 99
SpStage_Start = A1

Clear All


Unlockable 23
Name = Play as Amy
Type = None
Height = 0
ConditionSet = -1

Unlockable 2
Name = Play as Fang
Type = None
Height = 0
ConditionSet = -1

Unlockable 3
Name = Play as Metal
Type = None
Height = 0
ConditionSet = -1

Level A1
Levelname = WOODLAND WAY
Act = 1
Music = MP_COA
TypeOfLevel = Singleplayer,Co-op,Competition,Race
NextLevel = 1100
SkyNum = 300
RecordAttack = true
LevelSelect = 1
SkyboxScale = 64
FlickyList = Bluebird,Chipmunk

I've been faced with the same problem when attempting to port some 2.1 wads to 2.2 (for personal use, of course).
And yes, I have looked at the MAINCFGs for other level wads/pk3s to try and determine what I'm doing wrong, to no avail. Evidently something about the saving system has changed between 2.1 and 2.2, but there doesn't seem to be any documentation that specifies what, exactly.

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As usual, I ended up figuring the answer myself- I forgot to add a Savegame parameter in the level header! Apologies if anyone was considering replying to this thread
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