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Default Custom Controller Configs?

Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to make custom controller configurations? I have a GameCube Controller Adapter (D-Input) and I want it so when I plug it in and start up SRB2 Kart (or normal) it will also boot up my own configuration. Please help me out! Thanks in advance!
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Can you please clarify what you mean by "my own configuration"? You can probably use a batch script (.bat) to either execute custom configuration files (.cfg) upon booting the game, or execute other programs alongside it.
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To be more specific as to the method Lach just posted...

If your goal is to make specific configurations for controllers that use different button layouts, you could make an autoexec.cfg file and different txt files with different controller configurations in them using this as a guide.

Generally you'd name a TXT file after a controller and in that TXT file write something like
setcontrol forward hatup
setcontrol backward hatdown
setcontrol jump joy1
and you'd repeat the process for whatever other controls you need set. Once that's done you could create a txt file and rename it to AutoExec.cfg, then type in something like
bind z "exec gamecube.txt"; bind x "exec xbox360.txt"
and add one for each configuration you need. This would effectively make it so that on boot you could press one of the keys listed in the binds area to load a different controller configuration. Sadly, if you're looking for an automated way to do this, we have none yet but thankfully you'd only have to set it up once.

Lastly, make sure your TXT files don't have any spaces in the filenames or else it won't work.
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