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Back from the dead
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Default soul eater

i first saw it on the funimation channel. i LOVE that show. (and that cute cat girl disguised as a witch)
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I´m not much into anime, but I googled the series and...

This is a ghost from the series, right? now where have I seen that face before...

I also saw a smexy image when I googled it, but I woudn´t be allowed to post it :3
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I like your attitude!
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I just discovered it about a week or two ago, and I'm hooked.

My favorite character has to be Blair (the "cat girl" you mentioned), I always find it funny how she flirts with Soul, and how he always ends up nosebleeding.

The only complaints I've had about the series is that in the early episodes, Maka looked kind of odd, if you looked closely. Certain frames would make her face look slightly jagged, or something, I can't really describe it.

Other than that, I find the series great.
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Gemini Spark
The EX version
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I'm a huge fan as well! We were thinking of going to Anime Banzai as a Soul Eater group, but there just wasn't enough popularity, so we decided on ATLA and D. Grayman instead.

My favorite character is Death the Kid. It's so hilarious when he tries to fix something (a Lord Death statue, for instance) that's asymmetrical.
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