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The True Fire
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Default Guys, Cool new Sonic Game Info. and it ain't Sonic Riders:ZG

Sonic Unleashes, Apparently it's for the PS3, Wii- (THANK GOD!) and XBox360. Not such a good looking Sonic Model, but, it looks like alot of fun to me. I think Sega is finally starting to care about gameplay.

Heres the trailer link:
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howwouldihavenoticedthishereandinsteadofthethreadb elow

Seriously. Check other threads instead of thinking your all that by posting something that you think no-one else knows.
Originally Posted by PowerChaos
Windows is better. I mean, applications you can run? How awesome!
And I mean to run without downloading hacks. :V
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Shadow Hog
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We already have at least one topic on this (maybe two?). Heck, you're not even in the right forum.

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