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True liar.
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Default Worst, best, favourite, and least favourite VG weapon/attack

What would you call the best weapon/attack in any video game, and what would be the worst? Likewise, what's your favourite and your most loathed weapon?

The uasage of the term "Weapon" is going to be vague here, and can also mean various things, from guns and swords, to a fighting game's attacks, or classic powerups like the fir flower.

So what are your choices?

For me, the best weapon in a video game would be 007: Goldeneye (N64)'s RCP90. Accurate, and one of the largest ammo clips in the game, and powerful... serious player killer in MP mode, and single player mode just gets swept aside by it.

The worst weapon comes from the same game: The Klobb. Ever played Halo 2 and felt frustrated by the pure crud called the "SMG"? It's like that, only worse. Slow firing rate, weak, small ammo clip, and innaccurate to boot.

My least favourite weapon would be Halo 2's Energy sword, ESPECIALLY in multiplayer. Run up to someone, then their shields blow. Why are they still running towards you? Then they switch to the "noobstick", lunge, and insta-kill you. You need to be either really lucky, start shooting early enough, or have great timing and really good aim with the shotgun and sniper rifle.

Now.. my favourite. Halo's MA5B Assault Rifle. Wildy innaccurate, underpowered, but has a HUGE ammo clip, a high firing rate, and can essentially fill the level with lead. It makes me feel really happy when you take out a sniper with it, or players with pistols. Can be really deadly at times. Odd thing is, I used to think it was the "worst, most useless weapon to ever plague a video game". Now I always use one. :3

I primarily play FPSes, so there you go. Though I would definetely say the Master Sword in Oracle of Ages/Seasons (Yes, after many intricate sidequests and completing both games and linking and whatnot, you can get it). I like shooting beams out of it at full health. :3
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There and back again~
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Ranged: Vectorman's bouncy projectile...
-Why: Not too overpowerd, but has some great potential when used correctly
Melee: Sonic's spin attack
-Why: Not nearly as annoying as Mario's careful jump and doesn't require as much care as sword things

Ranged: Rocks from FotR
-Why: Serve mostly as a distraction, and even then not much
Melee: Tails' Flying
-Why: It is painfully impossible to coordinate Tails' flight so you are directly under the badnik... especially when they are quick moving.

Ranged: Legolas's fire arrow attack from Two Towers
-Why: Not only is it over powered to begin with, it sets the enemies on the over powered Two Towers fire... which was nerfed in the sequel.
Melee: Indiana Jones' Whip
-Why: Fun to use, and in many cases allows you to place enemies in a sorry position...

Least Favorite-
Ranged: Rocks from FotR...
-Why: See above
Melee: Any Punch/Jab Attacks
-Why: Really quite boring, except in Indiana Jones and the Emporer's Tomb where it is very flexible. Another ill-favored one is the normal chomp attack from the old SEGA Jurrasic Park because it was mostly useless, Tail-whipping and kicking always being both faster and more effecient.

Note that I've only played a bunch of Genesis games and a handful of recent ones... I've never seen Zelda except at a friends house... (technically that is Link but...) and the games I'm most familiar with are LotR and Sonic games.
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Old 10-19-2007   #3
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Best: The Scout from Counter-Strike. A sniper weapon that has decent damage and a great range, but isn't overpowered like the AWP.

Worst: Auto-Shotgun from Counter-Strike. Requires absolutely no skill what-so-ever. If you are caught close range against someone with one of these... You can pretty much guess what happens.

Favorite: Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2.

How can tossing your enemies, explosive barrels and random objects not be in insane amount of fun?

Least Favorite: Dualies from Counter-Strike.

Never could aim well with them. No idea why...
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The best are the Physgun and Toolgun, my favourites are the Portal gun, Gravity gun, and Physgun and Toolgun again. The worst? The most of CS weapons.
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Old 10-19-2007   #5

My favorite is the Halo 2 sword. I'm not a Halo fan, but I still think it's cool.
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Princess Draykon
Plush Princess
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I'd have to say I rather enjoyed the control tether in Metal Arms, although it can be kinda hard to find an opportune moment to use it.

As for my least favorite, pretty much any melee weapon in an FPS. The club thingy from Turok, the Beam Sword from Halo, it's all just awkward.
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on Edge
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Best: Longshot

Worst: kamehameha/shoop-da-woop
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Old 10-19-2007   #8

Best: Portal Gun

Worst: Halo 2 Pistol
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Old 10-20-2007   #9
True liar.
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Hehe. I remember running around in OOT with that in third person (I forgot how.. wasn't it hold Z-target while using it?), and occasionally some areas had wierd camera angles... so I could move and strafe in first person. I just had the worst thought. D:

Halo 2 Pistol
How many limbs would you break if I said I actually liked that weapon? >> << *Flee*

...Well, at least it's nice on Halo 2 Vista, where it's actually possible to aim.
MechWarrior 4. That's it.
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Old 10-20-2007   #10
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Megaman Zero 4 has a great set of Z-Saber attacks. The EX attacks don't give me anything I would've had before, save for the dash attack. Of course, that put some sparks up the wall, so I really shouldn't be complaining.

And as for worst, I'd say that X always has 8 crappy weapons that you'd only use in boss fights anyway. ;)
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I'll Begin
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Best: Portal gun from Portal, for obvious reasons.

Worst: Flowers from Runescape. Come on, they're flowers, so they naturally suck. They do actually. They give negative attack bonus.

Favorite: Lightsabre from Star Wars. The force is strong with this one.

Least Favorite: Astonish from Pokemon. Pointless attack to use due to low damage, but annoying when used against you due to high flinch rate.
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Old 10-21-2007   #12
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Three words, (big swearword gun) BFG from doom and doom 2... i just love blasting zombie man to their gibbery death.

Least liked weapon, fists and in real life too, i mean come on can't it at least kill a zombie man in one blow.
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Old 10-24-2007   #13 addict

Best: SMG from Shadow the Hedgehog. 30 bullets a clip is kick-ass.

Worst: Like I'll Begin, Flowers from RS. The only use they are is for the Throne of Miscellania quest.

Favourite: Instagib Shock Rifle from a REALLY old version of Unreal Tournament.

Least Favourite: I's clear that it's gotta be the Impact Hammer from a REALLY old version of Unreal Tournament.
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Fish hook
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HALO's Pistol.
I get SO many kills with it in multiplayer.
When my friends hear the sound of my Pistol loading they all run!!

Least -
It always gets me on netgamez!
The 2 games that makes life sweeter!
Sonic and Pokemon
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Old 11-08-2012   #15

Worst: Does Splash count?
Best: The supertank's cannon in Prototype. You know, the one that can DEMOLISH A BUILDING WITH A SINGLE SHELL?
Favourite: L4D auto-shotgun. Best horde/Tank/Witch repellant EVER!
Least favourite: Just about every melee weapon in TF2, except for the Spy's butterfly knife (for obvious reasons!). Relatively pathetic damage, barely useful without a speedy character like the Pyro or the Scout. This only includes purely melee weapons, meaning no long range capabilities like the Scout's Sandman.
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Old 11-09-2012   #16
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PROTIP: Bumping years-old threads is generally frowned upon. (Would it be possible to remove the basically-useless "similar threads" feature to help dead topics stay dead?)


Worst: The Mega Buster in Mega Man 2, only useful for one stage. (Top Spin doesn't count, because it's actually useful for killing certain enemies and it can OHKO the final boss.)
Best: The almighty Blaster Launcher from X-COM. Goes exactly where you put it, powerful enough to punch holes in UFOs, and has a radius that puts any human man-portable explosive you can get your hands on to shame. When you absolutely, positively gotta kill every alien bastard in the room, accept no substitutes.
Favorite: Blink from Dishonored. No other ability is more useful; the only ones that come close are Possession and Agility. Whether you're cutting a bloody swath through the level or are trying to stay inconspicuous, there's really no situation where using it would be a bad idea.
Least favorite: the Shotgun in Doom II. Pretty much anything it can do, the Chaingun or Super Shotgun can do better.
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