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Azuma The Fox
Default A Novice requesting assistance in what should be "simple".

(I hope this doesn't count as spam asking again but...)

I need guidance in working with SRB2 script to make an alternative to the Homing Thok.
Basically I want my character to fire A projectile at an enemy/spring, with which upon contact will spawn an anchor point, then he will Thok at that target while a tether is rendered between him and the anchor.

But is it even possible to lock-on to anything without pre-built abilities, let-alone draw a line between two active objects?

Edit: (As a side note, I find much of the wiki incomplete/outdated, and some of the syntax doesn't quite click for me.)

Last edited by Azuma The Fox; 05-18-2020 at 05:41 AM. Reason: forgot to give a reason for why i'm not to reliant on the wiki for help.
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