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Old 03-26-2014   #41
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Using debug mode in Srb2 for the first time to get a emblem without knowing that modifiedgame was True.
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Now with less viruses
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I tried to make a piston crusher trap in minecraft, but I forgot that I had placed a well hidden crapload of tnt under it a few months before, when I was testing tnt physics, which somehow became connected to the redstone circuit I was using for the pistons. The trap worked for a second before it, myself, and the building I was in, were obliterated by a massive explosion that crashed the game and caused an error with the world file, forcing me to make a new world.
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Old 04-02-2014   #43
The Not-So Gray Guy
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The many times I've been playing safe with Victini on Pokemon Showdown. Through so many matches there have been many opportunities for me to sweep but I kept switching into other Pokemon just to ensure Victini doesn't get One Hit KO'd.

It was especially apparent the time I had a match with this guy with a mono Fighting team. I kept switching out into Mawile and Trevenant that match. Four Pokemon in my team would be fine if I just swept them with Victini.
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Old 04-02-2014   #44
Permanently Banned

I Was trying to make a Good match map , and i failed :D
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Old 04-10-2014   #45
Larz T
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Possibly the dumbest thing I have ever done in a video game is when I was too cocky from beating the final boss in The Binding of Isaac and going to the optional extra level, Sheol, because it's a random factor whenever the door opens.

Feeling pretty cocky, I went in the door and soon enough, the door to the extra boss was in the first room and as soon as I went in, I got my ass handed to by Satan on the third and final form.
Originally Posted by MaykeAdventuresZForever View Post
I been playing this since I was 9 years old and all I felt was anger.

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Old 04-17-2014   #46
Hey, that's my pudding!
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Whenever I predict what the opponent will do in a Pokemon match correctly but end up doing nothing of it to be safe. The amount of times I failed massively and let my Pokemon sit there and die because I decided it'd be safer to not act on my own prediction is hilariously ironic. ;n;
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Old 05-10-2014   #47
Prismatic for real, now
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I was recording Mystic Realm Second Quest on 2.0, when I reached Nitric Citadel. All fine and dandy, but I was so excited to leave that I thokked to the exit and missed the Emerald.

Cue internally raging.

Funnily enough, this isn't the first time something like this has happened. I was doing Second Quest a few months ago when everything was going smoothly until I missed the Emerald of Silver Cavern.
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Old 05-10-2014   #48
I don't believe the hype
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I completely forgot about this thread.

Here comes mine from AC4: Black Flag, which has legendary ship events. One such ship is El Impoluto which I never really destroyed due to its sheer power. So, I tried to use a different tactic. I swam towards it alone, without a ship, trying to get on board and kill everyone and then easily sinking it. Well, what I didn't know was that the game was prepared for such exploits and murdered me half second after I touched it...
Originally Posted by Majro
or maybe they simply walk at sucking
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Old 05-11-2014   #49
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I was in TF2, one of the rounds i played I got the OverPowered Phlogistinator, finally I could stop being a noob and crash those pros with dat gun. Was so happy that instead of save I pressed delete.....
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Old 05-11-2014   #50
What am I again?
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Trying to play games without the Requierements, or in easy words, NO DRIVERS, or BAD DRIVERS
I'm shy, I'm idiotic, but most importantly, I'm alive.
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Old 05-13-2014   #51
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Originally Posted by Tyler52 View Post
In MineCraft: Pocket Edition, I tilled a 24x24 yard of dirt in an attempt to get a good farm going. It took about twenty minutes of decorating, preparing, other stuff, etc.

There are no seeds in Pocket Edition.
Don't worry, now there is.

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Made a great co-op map in SRB2 Doom Builder, and then...

accidentaly pressed Exit, and a question asking "Save?" and pressed "No" accidentaly...

And then I was like...

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Old 05-13-2014   #52
I like your attitude!
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Playing my very first 5 hours of Dark Souls on the PC, where I had lost connection about 3 hours in and not figuring it out until I was done with my session.

Guess who had to start all the way back at the Undead Asylum?
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Old 05-14-2014   #53

Spiral Knights: Opening event prize boxes and then getting crappy items when I could have sold the prize boxes themselves and gotten 10 times as much in-game money that way.
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Old 05-14-2014   #54
Needy child
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Get all the way to level 17 with Pikachu, Squirtle and Frogdier in Pokemon X, then I accidentally turned off the 3DS without saving.......
I raged hard...
Until I found out I had a save that was pretty close to that point.
And that I can level up pretty quickly anyway.
And that I keep finding Pikachus everywhere in santalune forest.
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Old 05-14-2014   #55
What am I again?
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In Brothers In Arms, there was an enemy from about 5 metres so my cousin shouted:
-KILL HIM! - Until i, instead of shooting, i went into him and stabbed the enemy with a knife. Then my cousin said:
-WUT? You don't need to run into him and stab him while you're too far!
And so, the time passed...
Stupid, huh?

EDIT: WAIT! I didn't stab him with a knife, i used the gun extension (you know, the arm thing) to knock him out, beh.
I'm shy, I'm idiotic, but most importantly, I'm alive.

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Old 05-15-2014   #56
Metal Blake
Target locked and on sight
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I once worked on one of my many genesis mixes, making lots of changes to the midi (because whoever made said midi must have been tone deaf. Point is, the quality of midis is pretty mixed at vgmusic), and I forgot to save all my work. I was very disappoint then.
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Old 05-15-2014   #57
あなたは私の日本のユーザ名が好きですか ?
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Playing Digimon World Championship for NDS:

Training my Koromon (Ya know, that pink little cute thing always digivolving into Agumon. If you don't know what it is, here is an image:
On a great digimon game:

On Digimon World Championship, it looks very cute, for NDS standards:

It suddenly digivolved into ToyAgumon:

Not so long after that, I accidentally dropped him into a Machine Cage (Grows up the Machine Attribute) and I didn't get it outta there.

It evolved into this:

I was like:

Goes by Skychan or Hareimu on the IRC, depending on my activity on there.
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Old 06-14-2014   #58
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This is an old one I posted on another forum.

So, I was playing Mega Man 10.

I was trying to get the achievement where I beat the game without dying once. I'm at the 4th castle stage and decide to use my 1/2 damage item for the boss encounters, when suddenly I come across an energy tank in my path.

Now, this part of the stage is completely vertical, and I have to progress by climbing a long ladder to the top. The energy tank is in a crevice literally two blocks away from me, but to get to it I have to avoid fire-spewing obstacles and two of the enemies moving back and forth across the stage, so that I can drop down onto the tank.

Took me several dozen tries to get it down. Every time I got through one of the obstacles, I would hit something else, and typically this dropped me down to the previous screen below, where I would immediately get hit by one of the other enemies. This gradually degraded me from quietly calculating to yelling obscenities at the screen.

But eventually I actually got the E-tank!

I look at my life bar to see how badly my mishaps bruised me, and I have two pegs left.

I use the E-tank and continue to the end of the section unscathed, where there was a large health pellet waiting for me.


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Old 06-16-2014   #59
Does not use Sonic.
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I think preferring the sawn-off shotgun over the hilariously broken (except in competitive clan games) Gnasher in Gears of War 3 counts. (Explain to me how a weapon with no reach is supposed to counter one that can take off 7/8th's HP across a room on a near-miss? Spread is useless if you might as well just punch them and let a teammate shoot them while they're stunned)

Originally Posted by Speedylizzard14 View Post
Playing my very first 5 hours of Dark Souls on the PC, where I had lost connection about 3 hours in and not figuring it out until I was done with my session.

Guess who had to start all the way back at the Undead Asylum?
Console master race.
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Old 06-17-2014   #60
Professional ass-merchant
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I painted an entire wall in headcrab blood in Black Mesa: Source. Because you can pick up corpses for some reason.
Originally Posted by Shaddy Zaphod
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Originally Posted by Saltstorm
Go yiff yourself
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