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Default Team TGWTG

I've always like that site, it has some good reviews. and the main team always do a good job with their reviews. what do you guys think of them?
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Chaos Knux
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For the uninformed
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Originally Posted by Derpy Hooves; Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

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I dunno. I used to really like Doug's reviews (especially the "Old vs New" and "Top 11" broadcasts), but lately I've thought that the only thing that distinguishes Doug from the rest of the internet is that Doug is willing to sell his dignity by screaming and shouting and spouting nerd humor to an extent that nobody dared approach before. And that's it. It gets old surprisingly fast. That was the same problem with the few segments of "Kickassia" that I watched.

So I don't think the dialogue Doug has is that fantastic. Move often then not I watch his videos due to the content he's reviewing, not for Doug himself. There are other reviews out there that I'm willing to read because I like the reviewer.

Nostalgia Girl is a bit more personally tolerable because she covers unfamiliar stuff and isn't usually such an unrelenting loudmouth. I think I like her the best of all the people showcasing their material on the TGWTG site. The only other guy I'm familiar with on that site is Linkara, and I thought he was a less successful Doug.

Heh, looking at the TGWTG Wikipedia page, I had no idea Team Fourstar was a part of the site. I guess I'm pretty fond of them. Their DBZ Abridged was hilarious.

So yeah, I guess I like bits and pieces of the site. It's okay.

Sometimes I look at these large blocks of text and reflect at how bitter I must've become. All this for what ultimately amounts to a trivial but fun diversion. And then it hits me. I must be the worst critic of them all.
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Absolutely love the site. Replaced watching TV for me. ;D

I usually tend to hate some of the videos and dislike some of the contributors but most of the videos are very entertaining. If the content justifies the site's popularity is another question, though. I guess for most of the shows it's a love it or hate it kind of thing.

Favorites are NC, ATGWTG, UWW, Paw's LPs and everything Brad Jones does.
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Check out the wiki: or read the original one:
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footure semen
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Originally Posted by Wombatwarlord777 View Post
Doug is willing to sell his dignity... an extent that nobody dared approach before.
Would Numa-Numa also be applied to this?

Anyways I saw the review of AoSTH, best thing I've ever seen.
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