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Default SRB2P Problems {Help would be grateful}

Before answering below; the mod I am talking about is Sonic Robo Blast 2 Persona, and how I am unable to fully access the game and most likely having problems with downloading it.

Now starting off, with only launching the game and adding the addons I am only able to get this screen below:

After trying to get into a singleplayer game I am unable to access any other point beside the first floor without any enemies. There are some warnings that show up at the top of the screen but since I am new to srb2 I don't really understand it. From what I have been fooling around with, I can say that the main.pk3 file always fails and whenever I try opening the application inside of the download bundle, it always say that code excuation couldn't run.

Once again if anyone already got the mod to run could I please understand what you guys did to fully know what I need to add or fix to make it work.
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Unknown person
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Do you have the lastest version of SRB2 (2.2.8)?
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I think you're trying to use SRB2P's addon files with SRB2's base .exe—you need to use the .exe provided with the SRB2P download in order to play the mod. It will automatically add all the other SRB2P files.
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Yeah, i agree with Lach. I once did that just for fun and the player looked bigger on the first map, idk why it does that tho :/
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Huh... I remember making a post on the SRB2P thread talking about this and it's a lot more buggy on Android but I'm not going to directly quote my post from the SRB2P thread because this thread's question was already awnsered so instead I'm just going to link this post and this thread if someone asks me or just in general asks about this same question somewhere else.
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