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Oh hello!
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Default SRB2 2.2 Open GL

A basic thing.
First, download 2.1.
Then, copy or drag OpenGL to 2.2.
Open it and....

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Legendary Emerald
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While I prefer OpenGL, I think I’m in the minority there. I wouldn’t say it’s a straight upgrade, since it definitely introduces as many flaws as it fixes. I just can’t go back to the unfiltered textures of the software mode, is all.
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Or you create a text document and write this: "@echo off
srb2win.exe -opengl" and save this with a .bat
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time gear
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The SRB2 Launcher "startSRB2.exe" still works on 2.2 as well, works great for launching in OGL as well as loading modifications such as wads, pk3s, etc.
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OpenGl actually being true 3D is cool, but I've always wondered why it seems to be less polished than software. In 2.2 it makes everything weirdly darker for some reason.
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Permanently Banned

That's because it is way less polished. OpenGL mode doesn't support a lot of our visual effects, and is hidden as a command line parameter for a reason. Some computers get better performance out of OpenGL mode, but we don't recommend using it unless your computer gets very bad software mode performance for some reason.
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Old 01-22-2020   #7
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Originally Posted by elcapoto View Post
If you actually take some time to compare OpenGL and Software screenshots, you'll see that no, it's not. The only reason I use OpenGL is because my CPUs are from 2009 so of course they can only barely handle software (especially in levels like CEZ2), but from what I've played on my Switch (which only supports software rendering) there's so many extra graphical effects that you don't get in OpenGL.
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Old 01-23-2020   #8
Generally Friendly
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Honestly, software is mostly fine.

The only reason I really want access to OpenGL is if I happen to be in the mood for some Ringslinger. The weirdness that happens when you look up or down in software makes it nigh impossible to aim high or low. XD

If the graphics didn't glitch up like that when looking up or down in software mode, I wouldn't give the slightest damn about OpenGL mode to be honest. Software is more than OK for the single player third person modes.
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Old 02-20-2020   #9
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Don't worry, 2.2.1 is out now.
Originally Posted by Silver Sonic View Post
Rude. You could at least use the releases thread and cut the cursing...
Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
I agree with Silver on this one, could you please refrain from using cuss words?
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Ace Dragon
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OpenGL is in okay shape now, with the game having full support for 3D models, however...

- Lighting in software has a certain grittiness that is lost in OpenGL
- Color blending is also a bit less sophisticated, and less pleasing to the eye
- Some visual bugs with things like midtextures still.
- Some visual downgrades with things like transparent water textures and the forest treeline in CEZ1.


- There is no such thing as visual bugs with FoF's or PolyObjects
- Dark areas have shapes and textures easier to make out, assuming the mapper corrected for the difference by reducing the amount of light.
- Faster for complex levels on decent GPU's.

Some of the remaining issues should be solved by a Gitlab patch that adds shaders to the mix, but I do hope it gets to the point where software just becomes a fallback.
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Old 02-21-2020   #11
time gear
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I happen to prefer OpenGL strictly because of the 3D model support and the fact that looking up and down isn't the literally the worst thing ever. It's almost intolerable in Software mode, and I avoid it like the plague.

The only thing that makes me sad about OpenGL is the fact that the game looks visually more impressive looking forward in a straight line in Software, with the exception of the lack of 3D model support. If there was some way to replicate that look in OpenGL I would never have a reason to use Software, but as it is now I sometimes toggle on Software while in single player stages just for the visual aesthetic, keeping in mind not to look up or down.
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Old 02-22-2020   #12

OGL is really cool, though painfully dark.

Someone should totally implement ray tracing into it though lmao. I'd love to see what a ray-traced SRB2 with the 3D models turned on would look like.
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