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Unknown person
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Default About your country+ Curiosities

Some of you maybe lives in United States and that's fine! But because of Internet, SRB2 become a mundial thing, so... What about talking from our view point of the country where we live?

Sure that in the school we had to explain about a country other than ours, and that's another reason for making this thread

Spoiler: You should read this!
Of course it will follow the forum rules, more specifically:

Originally Posted by Forum Rules
3. No bigoted language allowed! This includes things that are commonly used as slurs, or things like racially charged language. [...]

5. Politics, religion, or other hot-button or sensitive issues, are not to be discussed here. It’s not that we don’t care about these topics, of course! It’s just that this isn’t the right place for those discussions.(note from Axolex53: I hope that i didn't break this rule)[...]

6. The forums are not the correct place to vent about your life. It’s not that nobody cares, it’s just that it’s not the right place for it. [...]
As well the other rules that you know

I'll begin, about my country Venezuela, the way i describe it it's like a meme from Megamind where he "destroys" the hero of Metro City and miss him afterwards, saying "We got everything... And we got nothing..." (Lo tenemos todo... Y no tenemos nada... In spanish)

Well in this sense, we have all the possible biocores: desert, Falcón state; Jungle Amazon stat;, Snow, Merida state (yes, it is possible that snow in the mountains); Volcano, Lara state (inactive by the way);Beach, Caribbean's islands.

Spoiler: In economy sense
It's a big mess, where our official money: Sovereign bolivar (Bolivar Soberano in spanish) is devalued... And don't talk about consoles or videogames, which it's the main reason that i call this country "Pirate's Island"

Spoiler: In the gastronomic sense
We have EVERY Thing mixed up, maybe you know about corn and what can be prepared, right? Well, here you can mix rice and corn's flour and can be used to make, kinda, our typical food: "Arepas", which maybe sounds bad but once you make and eat it right, tastes awesome! (btw this food, "Arepas", in Colombia it's also typical, but we both don't know who made it first). Also, did you know that it is possible to make a drink that is made from rice and milk? Well that drink it's called "Chicha" here, and that drink it can be made Without milk (visual confusion right there), and like the rice's arepas, if you do it right, tastes awesome!

As you see, in the food sense, we are very creative


The name of Venezuela comes from the Italian word "Veneziola" which literally means "piccola Venezia" (little Venice).

The country is considered one of seventeen megadiverse countries that contain the most species on earth.

The song "Venezuela" (Considered the third national anthem of my country) was actually made by spanish people ( Pablo Herrero Ibarz and José Luis Armenteros Sánchez, btw thank you for composite this song Spain!) and there is also a myth that the authors composed the song without having visited and stepped on Venezuelan soil and that they only knew the country through photographs, testimonies, bibliographic references and other sources.

The Anaconda, so famous in films and horror stories, is the largest poisonous snake in the world, and it hails from Venezuela, so... you might be scared. Also we can find one of the largest species of spiders on the planet. The Theraphosa blondi, this spider can also be found in border countries such as Guyana and Brazil. In addition, it was the focus of Spielberg's film Arachnophobia in 1990.

I could talk more about this country but if i do, i will never end this post... So i really hope that this thread don't break the forum rules and take it like if you instead of being an spectator of a game, tell your experience from being IN the game.

EDIT: I found a Thread that asks where you came from, and fun fact, was made by a Venezuelan!
EDIT2: Yet another fun fact, seems like the same Thread has reborn and now it has more recently comments! lmao

Wait, did you made a question already answered on a post? Think in searching diamonds in a cave!

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I live in Hawaii where it rains constantly and the internet sucks because it's impossible to put up an internet tower with all the rain and such, it's quite nice living in a place where the weather is consistent but it's in the middle of the ocean so the prices for everything is insane so don't expect to get a high quality computer there because it would be around 8000+ dollars for it.
Also did you know that it may be tropical all the time but there's almost no dirt because Hawaii has a giant valcanoe so the island is just a bunch of valcanoe rock so don't expect to get deeper than twenty feet of dirt with only a shovel.
Well that's all the info I have about Hawaii because I'm lazy in real life so I didn't put that much effort into making this post but I hope y'all enjoy hearing about Hawaii.
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