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Default Early Final Version?

When joining a netgame today (I think it had redlink in the title", I came across a strange wad.

It had completed all of the levels in SRB2, adding bosses and acts in it.
The acts were of great quality, however, something was wrong.
There were 2 more acts for both RVZ and BMZ.

Mods, I am not posting a download link In fear that this is the Final Version's Levels, and It may have been leaked.

In the hopes that this is just a mod... ~Oceania~ (yes, I want my username changed)
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I don't believe the mods and that have even finished the levels, it has to be a mod. Can you send me a few shots of the new levels, it's easy to tell if it's official or not. Or do you think it's leaked still?
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Old 10-17-2009   #3
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Those are not official. We haven't really got too far in making the other levels yet.

So any wads that claim to be new levels from 2.1 is not official. Only when 2.1 is released is when the new levels will be out.

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