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Default Is it possible to make .plr files instead of WAD files?

There are quite a bit of character Wads (especially knuckles recolors), so wouldn't it be easier to make character wads as plr files? I don't know much about plr files, but it might be better to do it that way so one does not have to upload WAD files everytime they open up SRB2.
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It doesn't work that way. SRB2 is programmed to open the PLRs there, and only those. You COULD make them "PLR files", but that's pointless, really. PLRs are just wad files with a renamed extension. You'd have to reprogram SRB2 to load which ones you want. And, no, you can't edit the PLR files. At least, not without breaking SRB2.
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read my sig and make a 'batch' file
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I guess you're right... and now that I think about it, it could be used to bypass the SRB2 cheat detection system...although it could be a new feature in the next SRB2 release, with a way to detect characters that aren't normal characters.
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Super mystic sonic
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Uh...I think that would screw up netgames....
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