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Larz T
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Originally Posted by speed2411 View Post
Stz. That might be Sweet Tooth zone. A map about a tooth.
Okay, sure.
Dang it, and I was just making a level about sweets as well! D: Oh well, it might have a completly different concept in the future.
Originally Posted by MaykeAdventuresZForever View Post
I been playing this since I was 9 years old and all I felt was anger.

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my old posts are very dumb (formerly rayfan)
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  • Sweet Tooth Zone: A zone wherein you play on a giant set of teeth as the creature whose teeth you're on inhales tons of candy, chewing repeatedly. You have to dodge his teeth coming together inside cavities and missing teeth, but watch out for plaque, which will attack you, and gum, which you briefly get stuck in, leaving yourself vulnerable to being crushed by teeth.
  • Crystal Cave: A 1:1 remake of the Apogee classic.
  • Hidden Palace: A remake of the Sonic 3&K stage. Knuckles's version, specifically, which can be completed in five seconds. What, you thought it was the Sonic 2 one? You naive fool.
  • Eggfactory: You get to visit a dairy farm and gather the eggs to put into a carton to be shipped off for sale. Basically an Emerald Hunt stage.
  • Slime Valley: An old idea for Techno Hill Zone. We debated which name to give it, before ultimately settling on Techno Hill - however, we already had graphics made for Slime Valley at this point, and figured "eh, maybe somebody'll make a stage for this" and left it in. Obviously, that didn't pan out, and the graphics are gone now.
  • Freak Show: Remember Zim's Base? Right, well, this was a bonus stage based on Freakazoid!, which is the best show based on a freak ever made, obviously. Don't count on seeing it any time soon.
And that's all she wrote.[/QUOTE]

HPZ is Sonic 2 one,i would do Slime Valley if i was a mapper and
egg factory can be made by making a farm with some spots for
egg-textured emeralds.

Heres the proof that HPZ is the Sonic 2 one:
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