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Default How did you get into Sonic The Hedgehog?

I'll not sugarcoat it; i honestly made this thread so i could share my own story, though i'm not less interested in any of your stories with Sonic! So if you want, go ahead and leave yours below, i'd love to read them.

Now, i got into video games at an older age- at least, compared to kids now or even at the time, i can only assume. I got into games not long before or after the release of Zelda: Skyward sword at the latest... My first real video game was Coolspot (yes; my first game was a 7up ad.) but my introduction to AAA video games came with the Dreamcast collection at a friend's house; most notably Sonic Adventure DX. I was drawn to the character, and chose that game first. And i was absolutely awed by the speed, however it would be a little bit before i played another of his games. It might have been Sonic Generations on the Xbox 360, where i was even more awed by the speed; though that's not important.
I was absolutely awed by the speed of the game, and the cheesiness of the voice-acting had me hooked as a kid, i found it really entertaining.

Yeah, my story isn't anything special, and it's a little cheesy, but it's something i wanted to share regardless. So i thought i would here. Anyway, i'd love to hear all your stories as well!
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I was first introduced to Sonic and... pretty much video games in general through my dad's SEGA Genesis, I grew up playing Sonic 1, 2, and 3D Blast as well as a couple other Traveller's Tales titles. I've been playing the games ever since and Sonic has shaped a lot of my interests in video games from hacking to coding to level design and game mechanics and even the history of games. I was also drawn to Sonic as a character because of his personality, even though I never saw the cartoons until I was a lot older and it would be a few years before I finally got my hands on a 3D title (that being Heroes). The way Sonic tapped his foot and looked at the camera with such expressiveness showing off how determined and cool he was was always neat to me, but Tails has always been the character I've been drawn to more sheerly because of the cuteness factor.

I too would like to see other people's stories on this though.
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Soooo i was born in the era of 7th Gen Consoles (Ps2,Xbox) and thats what i used to play on alot.

But i realised we had older consoles like the Snes and Mega drive. We had an array of games for Megadrive but i played Sonic 1 first and i just loved the music and the visual style. We had sonic 2 and Sonic&K but not Sonic 3 so i was determined to play it since i knew it was tied to S&K stroy wise.

I was pretty young then soo getting a job was out of the question and we couldn't buy it at the time since Disk based games were blowing up and cart games were very scarced. So the family got a PC and i got an emulator to play IT.
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Not to backseat moderate but uh shouldn't this be in off-topic
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My first 4 video games ever were Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and S&K. All on the original Genesis. Loved it ever since.
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I got a demo disc for the Dreamcast that had one for Sonic Adventure. I believe I was 3 at the time, and it was pretty much the only game on that disc I played. I can't play it anymore unfortunately, my little brother split the disc in half (yes, seriously) a year ago. I was awful at it, but still had a blast playing nonetheless. It started an obsession that would last through the entirety of my childhood. Safe to say that disc was the beginning of my downward spiral into this franchise.
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I got into Sonic thanks to a uncle of mine.
He had a old megadrive/genesis with a bunch of games and one such game was the blue hedgehog.
I played it, had a blast and from there on i found myself playing Sonic related things.
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I'll admit, I don't fully remember. I likely had heard about Sonic the Hedgehog before I became a citizen of the Internet, but once I got access to YouTube I began hearing much, much more. That, and I got my hands on the old iPhone release of Sonic 1. There was so much I was curious about, that when I got my first netbook years later it spurred an entire emulating/fan gaming phase where I tried to play anything my weak machine could run. As you might imagine, that eventually led me to SRB2, then in the 2.0 era. My passion for the series would continue to grow once I got Unleashed and (especially) Colors. Although, like then, I'm still more of a Mario fan, I still consider myself a proud Sonic fan.
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I have a Nintendo Switch! I play Sonic Mania Plus on it!
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