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Permanently Banned
Default Holiday 2014 Haul Thread

As with last year, we're just going to make this thread ahead of time to avoid any issues. Post your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/winter solstice holiday gift bragging here. These threads tend to work better with pictures, so I highly encourage you post a photo of your haul as well as a description.
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a scar in time...
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Got a shirt and an Amazon gift card. And a 9 hour drive to my grandparents' place in Minnesota!
  • Shirt - One blue shirt.
  • Amazon Gift Card - Intangible.
  • Drive to Minnesota - Long. Possibly boring. Probably deer.
(Not to worry Mystic, I'll post pictures of the drive!)

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I got a PS3, GTA IV and KH HD 1.5 Remix.
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Xkower8181's Avatar

I got a this chrismas a white Gamecube,Pokemon Colloseum,Lego 3in1 set (robot,car,helicopter) and smartphone.
(pictures will be added)
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Needy child
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I got Pokemon Omega Ruby, Spacerail (some sort of rail thing that you put a ball on), a gaming mouse and spiderman branded hair gel and perfume.
Also, for my birthday (2 days before christmas) I got Little Big Planet 3, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and a box of Maynards Wine Gums. And 70.
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Old 12-25-2014   #6
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For Christmas Eve, we had a White elephant gift exchange (if you have never done it, it is basically gifts that you are probably re-gifting because you don't have any use for it. Sometimes it can be hilarious depending on the group of people). Instead of stealing a portable speaker, I went for an unopened gift that was a frame with some sort of saying I didn't really care for, and a Japanese version of "she is not that in to you".....Yeah, I don't even know.

For Christmas day I got a Sharknado figure, a Dilbert calender, a pair of smartphone gloves, some nice shirts, some movies I never heard of, a tiny light up toy pig, a Chicago Blackhawks throw, and some other stuff I already forgot and other stuff I haven't received yet.

Also here is a picture of the sharknado figure I got.
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I got a creepy Christmas morning:
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ms reflec beat stan
fickleheart's Avatar


My family is evil

Christmas haul (not pictured: a harmonica that I've been annoying the family all day with)
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Stop trying to make slopes, guys.
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The board's UK Ecologist
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I've had a wonderful Christmas, though a bit of a weird and emotional one since it is the first one where my Grandad, who died in March losing to Alzheimer's and other conditions, isn't here. So I'm having a great one just for him.

I suppose I'll do my list:
  • Reeves paint by numbers set (Theme is bird species of the world)
  • Size 8 Dark Blue converse trainers
  • Some clothes
  • 2 T-shirts from my best friend and her family
  • Some Whisky to toast to my Grandad tomorrow
  • A mug which has the words "I'm a Twat" written on the bottom Made me laugh.
  • Smelly stuff - perfect timing as I ran out of them
  • Big strawberry drumstick bag - I have a big sweet tooth

  • And the best of them all - being able to see my family for the first time in 2 months. Living away to do a university degree makes me miss them, so spending time with them is so great.

I will be seeing my dad's side of the family tomorrow as boxing day tradition, after my mum's birthday.
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Llitechiel ꙮ
Oh, What a Flopnik!
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Omega Ruby, miscellaneous books, a Galileoscope, amiibo figurines for the sake of having them (I don't have a Wii U, and Link will be coming later apparently; Villager was too expensive), winter boots even though it feels like spring at the moment, a lovely green jacket with an actual working zipper, and a stress ball... because those are fun. Oh, and later I got a card with $20 from my Nana. I actually got a lot of what I wanted!
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Old 12-26-2014   #11
The unreliable judge
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Obligatory christmas loot photos coming right up
Spoiler: Large Image

And a list of what is in the photo because crummy phone camera quality.
  • New jumper
  • New watch
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill bag
  • Adorable Tails slippers
  • Tub of cadbury roses
  • Death Note themed notebook with matching necklace & quill
  • Perfect Blue DVD
  • Tokyo Godfathers DVD
  • Animatrix DVD
  • Read Or Die OVA
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog boxset
  • Super Smash Bros Wii U
  • and last but not least that terrifying Lil Cal backpack/puppet monstrosity

All in all, I had a really good haul this christmas. Thank goodness for meeting loads of old friends and exchanging gifts everywhere like it was my last christmas. Although now I am broke, but it was worth it.

Also for good measure, have a pic showing that puppet in all its glory.
Spoiler: Large Image
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Old 12-26-2014   #12
Larz T
Larz T's Avatar

I'm getting a new computer with the money I saved, earned, and received this holiday season next week. Hopefully this thread is still relevant by the time I get it. But hey, I got this cool grip for my 3DS. At least now I won't get crab hands after playing my 3DS for a while.
Spoiler: Images
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I been playing this since I was 9 years old and all I felt was anger.

Avatar art done by TehRealSalt

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Lawful Neutral
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I got an early Christmas gift in a new computer that is quite sleek- though I paid half for it, but it's worth it. I've never really been able to game on my PC before. Never looking back

On the actual day I received two minor gifts, some body wash and shampoo. Which I actually really like and appreciate; you know you're grown-up when you want things like that or socks more than anything.
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Old 12-29-2014   #14
VirtualBlitz546's Avatar

I got some caaaaaaash! Not enough for a PS3... Dammit!
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Hey, that's my pudding!
StarmakerJasper's Avatar

Socks. Infinite amount of socks. I am sock incarnate. I am practically drowning myself in socks.

Other things I got include but are not limited to: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, Ratchet and Clank Collection, two really old Pac-Man tins (one's actually a trash can), hilarious kiddy basketball hoop for throwing trash into so it lands in said Pac-Man tin, a toolbox, clothes, and many more.
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Old 01-02-2015   #16
A non-special snowflake
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Huh let's see.. A mobile phone, Shadow of Mordor, money, Old Spice stuff, money, bag of pistachios, money and a Wacom Intuos tablet!
Originally Posted by Majro
or maybe they simply walk at sucking
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Absolute territory where
Lat''s Avatar

Totally missed this thread!
I got hum...
A MP4, Headphones, Smash U, Slippers and about 90€, so yeah, amazing, but bad considering what I got last year (Wii U and a new TV)
Originally Posted by MADVAL2 View Post
glad there is no Zero Two in this pack,i really get mad everytime i see Zero Two
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Old 01-02-2015   #18
Christmas is coming

My uncle gave me his unwanted copy of Pokemon X a few months ago. I didn't really have a 3DS at the time, so there was only one thing to ask for...
Spoiler: Loot pics from phone

Spoiler: I'm enjoying Pokemon X as well...

Happy Holidays everybody!
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Old 01-09-2015   #19
TysonTH1532's Avatar

I didn't really get much since I had to fork over the money myself. So basically, these were my christmas presents to myself:

  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Yoshi amiibo
  • PDP FightPad
  • Sonic Lost World Wii U (Digital)
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Old 01-21-2015   #20
TehRealSalt's Avatar

Shipping took a while, so this is almost a month late, but...

I got a dinosaur Kigurumi. I'm slowly becoming one with the weeaboo trash.

(no pics yet, will edit once i get some)
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