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I personally like the idea of her Adventure moves being incorporated. Like the Hammer Spin (not to be confused with the aerial hammer spin, twinspin.) to allow her to gain more momentum, and attack enemies while moving, for the tradeoff of being able to move freely... i'd remove the "dizzyness" aftereffect though.

I'd also like the Hammer Jump that was mentioned above to have Amy's spin frames, and then at the apex of her jump to go back into her fall sprites and allow hammer jump. Of course, more polished than the .lua mods that add the Hammer Jump. I'd think it could only be used when at Amy's full running speed, and wouldn't be too too high and since there's no such thing as Air Friction... you can make big leaps, but that's fine unless there's a balancing concern. -Also, maybe Hammer Jump only working if you press Jump after using it-, just an idea i had.

I like the idea of Twinspinning off of an enemy to increase jump height. Or maybe the idea of an entirely new ability (That aerial hammer spin move where she spins her hammer left to right in midair) to gain more height. That or make you only go higher with twinspinning off of an enemy if you hold the button, as well... sometimes you don't want to go high.

I like the idea of hammering the springs giving more of a boost in momentum as they do now. And when twinspinning off of the spring badnik in THZ1. Also some changes in level design, for more paths for Amy to choose.

I also agree with Amy being really bad on slopes. Unrelated but also there's a softlock that can happen in Frozen Hill Zone, due to the snow pushing her back, and even a full jump cant net her enough speed to get away from the wall. AFAIK this is only ONE section in FHZ.

This probably isn't a well thought idea, but it's food for thought. Amy bouncing off of a wall when twinspinning into one. Possibly a wall-kicking tool.

Also like the idea of deflecting projectiles with hammer, or the hammer having a shielding-box thats the size of its hitbox.

Thats probably all the ideas i have.

EDIT: Amy going into a ball when using her hammer on a sideways spring would be nice, would make hammering a spring useful, would make logical sense as i mean if you propelled forwards with a ton of speed you wouldn't just immediately stop, you'd roll because of how much speed you gained
It'd help with amy having no way of using slopes, i mean if the level designer puts a spring there it helps i guess, mainly just that one part in deep sea 1 would be fixed, maybe that one part in deep sea 2, other places itd help too probs.

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Advance Amy may actually be good for this, I kinda just added some other stuff but the main things are:

Hammer a Spring = Amy goes into a ball, allowing her to use a lot more slopes
Hammer Jump (balanced) and doesnt have (much) momentum, so it slows you down, so you have to choose when to use it
and perhaps the Head Slide attack, which allows Amy to use slopes without the need of a spring or cobalt/rumia momentum mods, of course the problematic thing with this is allowing amy into sonic's paths. But the "Big Step" seems like a good idea along with crouch for Custom1... of course, having Custom1 be a required button is also problematic. All of these moves are based on Amy's first *playable* appearance in a 2D Sonic game.

swing with one hand with the hammer, and press a after hitting the ground with the hammer to propell forward like the Hammer Flip, except you know... gives you forward momentum, the hammer jump [crouch and spin] would reduce your momentum so it's not too good but would go high [not too high], have the downward spinning attack, a crouch button to activate it, the big step which is basically a small hop [activated by crouch and jump], hitting a spring on the ground (or anywhere) will put you in ball form (inaccurate to source material, but it allows amy to use slopes at least), the "head slide" attack could be a roll [activated by pressing spin during big step]... kinda allows amy to get into sonic sections but that's no matter
obviously would have the hammer twirl. advance amy had the double hammer attack (amy uses her hammer a 2nd time if you press spin right after using hammer)

Those are some *possible* changes to amy to make her better, then again this MIGHT be better off as it's own character wad because of how ambitious it is, but i think i should at least spread the idea, and i kinda wonder if anyone else agrees with these ideas
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