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Old 01-30-2020   #41
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Massive props to Tyson Hesse for his redesign of Sonic. That being said, I'm so done with the tired concept of "fictional character becomes trapped in the REAL WORLD", so this one was a pass for me regardless.

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Old 02-01-2020   #42
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The premise doesn't interest me either, but I'll watch it just-for-fun because from the trailers both Robotnik and Sonic look amusing enough (the guy that hangs out with Sonic seems boring). I'm not expecting it to be as much fun as Detective Pikachu, but I think I'll still enjoy it.
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Old 02-07-2020   #43
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The sonic movie is awesome i like it its so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Old 02-07-2020   #44
koichi no
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My hopes are still down since, just cause they redesigned the character,it does not mean the movie will 100% be great and change sonic's reputation overall, but i still have a wee bit of hope for it
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Old 02-14-2020   #45
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Well I've seen this film now. Really it was just any other wacky american talking CGI animal kids film, but with Sonic in instead of the talking Chipmunks or something.

It was a strange, surreal experience. Felt like a fever dream once I'd left the cinema. I am absolutely looking forward to watching this film with a group of friends once it's out on DVD in a few months though, it will be a good film to riff on with a group.

It was fun, make no mistake. Just didn't feel like a Sonic product aside from the titular character being there. Eggman was just Jim Carrey being himself, and wasn't really as likable as the game interpretation of the character which is a shame.

Also there's a bit where Robotnik says 'interesting' in Japanese unprompted but it's subtitled in English, then Robotnik has a musical number where he runs away from a CGI T-Rex (Which isn't plot relevant to anything and is never brought up again) and I think this contributes to the fever dream aspect of the film.
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Old 02-18-2020   #46
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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie:


-Beautiful visuals and Presentation

-The fight scenes put quite a big smile on my face. The pub fight scene was hilarious. Probably one of my favourite scenes in the whole film.

-Jim Carrey’s Dr.Robotnik was pretty cool. He was crazy, wacky and quite silly, and I’m glad that Jim Carrey is back.

-Although not a great amount of depth, but I like how they look more at Sonic’s Origin and his personal goals as he grows.

-Balanced content and humour for all audiences regards of age and fan types.

-loads of Easter eggs.


-The main final battle scene was a bit anticlimatic. When it really kicked off and we were all hyped in the cinema; it ended just as fast.

-Some jokes and references overstayed their welcome more than others.

-Some of the other side characters didn’t get much development or screen time. I know the main cast is focused more, but they could have some more focus on the supporting cast that are evidently aiding or maybe going against the main character.

-Might be a bit alienating to those who are not long time fans of the series. Especially the amount of references that are shown.

-The film was a bit short, and could have been a bit longer.

Rating - 7.5/10

While it’s not perfect, we’re looking at a live adaptation of a video game series. I’d say compared to what it could have ended up being like, (And the reputation that Live Adaptation video game films have) I think it’s done pretty damn well and I really enjoyed it. I’m definitely going to see it again very soon. I’m hoping when a Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is made and released; they will focus on building up from the foundation that this film has set, and answer some of the questions a lot of fans (casual and hardcore) and non-Sonic fans are wanting to know, in which the film hasn’t quite hit the nail on the head in doing so.
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Old 02-20-2020   #47
Overeager Raposa
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It was a good movie in the sense that it didn't really commit any notable blunders and had some enjoyable scenes and characters. Fun but a pretty plain movie all around.
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Old 02-29-2020   #48

Originally Posted by Whackjood View Post
Felt like a fever dream once I'd left the cinema.
I watched it tonight and this sums it up perfectly. It was a surreal, exciting, hilarious experience. Just constant moments throughout the film where my friends and I just bust out because of how absurd the whole thing is - also a decent amount of unironically funny gags. Highly recommend
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Old 03-07-2020   #49
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I saw the movie Tuesday March 3rd, and thought it was nice. It far exceeded my expectations. What really make the movie great for me was Dr. Robotnik like he was done really well and I liked it.
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Old 03-08-2020   #50
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I saw the movie the day after its release with family. A very hype experience, and Jim Carey portrayed a perfect Eggman. I was honestly surprised at how well Ben Schwartz represented Sonic for me — reminding me a little bit of Ryan Drummond honestly.

Also, I missed the post-credits scene… man I would've lost my mind.
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Old 03-31-2020   #51
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Well I think it's just painfully average...

But we live in a world where Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros and Doom got bad movies so I won't complain too much...

Anyway I'll go rewatch the OVA
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Old 04-10-2020   #52
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Late i know but i finally got around to see it.

TL;DR Overall, I enjoyed it - 7/10.

I was smiling alot at some parts than others. There were a butt ton of jokes most of them cheesy but they would definitely hit for the target demographic.

Story as i expected was linear safe in that most events that happend we predictable. Although i do applaud what i will call the "SUPER SLOW" moments were sonic just moves effortlessly through the scene, it was cool to see that (yes i know its been done before but it was cool)

I really enjoyed Jim Carrey as Eggman, i could feel his Ace Venture/ the Mask performances coming out in this movie, especially in the last act.

Ben Schwartz is a great Sonic VA, even though they could of just used a older more iconic Sonic VA, they went for someone brand new which is great!

The rest of the cast were OK, I know its a movie about Sonic but i wish we knew got to learn more about the townsfolk. The only characters i find memorable/ enjoyed were Tom, Wade, and Toms Wifes Sister since they stood out the most. Like i was curious about Crazy Carl, Agent Stone and Toms Wife too. They could of been expanded more imo.

What else can i say other than it exists and its better than other Video Game Movies. I would recommend watching if you are super bored and curious.
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