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Default What audio type should I use?

Should I use Mp3, Ogg, wav, or m4a.
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OGG compresses the smallest compared to other formats, and is commonly used in modifications and even the game itself.

So if I had to choose one, I'd choose OGG.
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Depends what your preferences are. We in the biz separate music filetypes into two categories: lossless and lossy formats. MP3 is a typical lossy format; you can compress it to reduce its filesize, but it removes some the data to do so, so its quality is typically not as good as a file in a lossless format. WAV is a typical lossless format; it contains all the original data of the file (unless you converted it from a lossless format, you evil idiot), but obviously has a much higher filesize. OGG is a good standard because while it is a lossy format, it does a good job keeping a lot of the quality from the original recording. For music files in SRB2 you typically want OGG (I've heard some machines can't run MP3s through SRB2). For sound effects you can use WAV if you like, because those are much shorter than music files and so take up less space—but OGG is perfectly acceptable for those as well and it does reduce the filesize if you have a lot of them!
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