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Default Port Forwarding Problem.

Hello! I have recently switched over to the Sagemcom F@st5260 router. And there's extra options for ips.. "External Host", "Internal Host", "External Port", "Internal Port".

Any solutions to this or I'm just being dumb with the port-forwarding stuff.
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Remember: Port forwarding involves, basically, making a rule that tells the router that information coming from External Host on port External Port should be forwarded to Internal Host on port Internal Port.

With that said:
"Internal Host" means the local IP address of your device you want to apply this rule to.
"External Host" means the external IP address of the source device for this rule. Because forwarding ports is often for allowing players to connect to your server, you're going to have to enter a wildcard value. It could involve leaving the IP field blank or using the IP address . Depends on the router.
"Internal Port" and "External Port" should be the same value: 5029.

Protocol must be UDP, though I recall somebody saying the game does use TCP on some occasions, so pick Both if given the option.

NOTICE: Game must be restarted to record statistics.
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