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Old 06-12-2010   #1
zephyr's Avatar
Default Your top five most irritating opponents

I play as Dreazy TT & DTT in the game, and I just want to know your most irritating opponent, that player that keeps smacking you, that player that always takes your rings or the one that you just CANT get away from?

1.KOX3D : Never get a hit on him if he's head-on towards me, a skillful echidana.
2.LXshadow: The most feared player in the srb2 netgame world in both CoOp, Match and CTF. Encounter him and prepare to take flight!
3.Vent ZX: Mostly found as tails and sonic, very brutal with his 'trademark' scatter ring.
4.Turbo: My closest and most irritating rival (we're still mates though, right turbo?) Very hard to hit in the air, he always gets me before I click the damn button. We both began srb2 at the same times (I think).
5.Henrique<PLZ>:Mean at times, occasionally easy to hit, but overall a rather good player, some may disagree XD
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aka Cirom
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1. Fooruman - Always seems to know how to get the cheap shots, and spams grenades everhwhere. It's really quite annoying.
2. LXShadow - It's just the fact that he's better at me in, well, everything. Even conversation. :/ My SRB2 goal is to beat him :D
3. Turbo - He's a challenge in all gametypes. He often wins by attacking everyone BUT me, though. :/ I need to 1-v-1 him sometime.

Those are the only people that annoy me, really. I don't have a top 5, I have a top 3. :3

(inb4 someone says "Garee" for always managing to rail them)
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Old 06-12-2010   #3
Permanently Banned

1. Mystic

My therapist says I've been making good progress. I don't believe her.
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Old 06-12-2010   #4
Is actually
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the most irritating I can think of isn't that irritating.
Deadmaus is kinda my rival for railing people, I've remembered times where it was just nonstop shooting between us. I think I found a good rival, at the very least. Besides that, it's only when I'm getting targeted that I'm irritated. Oh, and not really an opponent, but that annoying bleck guy who lags up games. thankfully he's probably banned from the ms by now
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The unreliable judge
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Anyone with good rail skills, just, aaahhhhhh. In a game all about dodging, getting hit by an undodgable beam several times because the other player is the host and has a steady hand is just frustrating.

But, aside from that. 'irritating' isn't the right word I would use to describe players who give me a run for my money. LXShadow for example, is a challenge, but I still have a good fighting chance and win against him from time to time. It's more 'Fun challenge' than 'irritating'
Same applies to anyone else who is rather good at the game really, irritating just isn't the right word to use.

Well, with the exception of one CTF game I was in. I went super in Twisted Terminal, and two Knuckles players were camping the team monitors the entire game so when I needed rings, none were present, then I got auto-ring'd. Now they were irritating players.

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Old 06-12-2010   #6
I AM your father.
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Irritating? KOX3D, Zero, LXShadow, Goddratini in my opinion.
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Old 06-12-2010   #7
Super mystic sonic
The Golden Blur
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Any bomb and rail spammers. It's hard to say a top 5, since most of the time I'm in a match with so many people I can't keep track of them all, but one that definitly keeps returning and is somewhat challenging is LXShadow, although he isn't exactly irritating. He's just good. Which is irritating. =P
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Old 06-12-2010   #8
Goes by Kirboy in netgames
Srb2kirbyo's Avatar

1. iGHOST: Rail
2. LxShadow: General
3. Anyone obsessed with rail :<
4. Celebi: Bomb&Rail
5. Chrome: Bombs
6. Anyone obsessed with camping.
7. When ever a Admin/Dev joins (It is 7th since that doesn't usual happen, with the exception of Ko.T.E and Blade.)
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Old 06-14-2010   #9
fox Unit 01
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Originally Posted by Spazzo View Post
1. Mystic
My therapist says I've been making good progress. I don't believe her.

Old 1.09 screenshot is old. I have no idea how either of us got scores that high.

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Old 06-14-2010   #10
DS # 1
One Rude Dewd.
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A few of those people are actually mah favorite opponents/friends on SRB2. I love playnig against them. But I do kinda dislike anyone who spams the rail ring on me. I don't have a list of most irritating opponents but these are mah fav.

Vent ZX: One of my best friends/teammates/opponents on SRB2. Like someone said, his trademark is the Scatter Ring.

Turbo: Another one of my fav friends and opponents on SRB2. As far as I've seen, she's all around.

KoX3D: The best Echinda playah I've fought. Once again, all-around.

LXShadow: I think this is the toughest player I've fought. A very awesome opponent to play against... well, for me. His trademark is railz and bombz.

SRB2Kirboy: Another tough yet great player on SRB2. Haven't played against or with him in a while, but he's also a great opponent.

PerfeKt: Holy crap he/she is hard! Another awesome challenge.

DeadMau5: I may have typed his name wrong, but he's a good gliding railer.

Kopper: He's a great player also. I can't say much cause I haven't played against him in 1-3 years.

I have NOTHING negative to say about these pros. I pucking hate campers. Period.
I freakin' love playing against and with these people. There might be more out there or some I can't remember at the moment, but these are the best players I've fought. Can't wait to play against them again one day. Wonder what would happen if SRB2 Developersand a team of pros (including me) fought in a long team match...
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Old 06-14-2010   #11
Pretty chill guy
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Those damn bomb ring echidnas (I'm looking at you Chrome)
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Old 06-14-2010   #12
Hee-Hawk! That's a Giradonk
Snowyfox's Avatar

Vampire King:Ow. Racity(Isn't mispelled) Race Race. My closest was 2nd place in Corrupt Shrine Zone as Knuckles.but how I hate Consfails :X.I got one on 2nd place and 4th Lap.
Some Guy that made Hide and seek servers:Ow.You Stealer :<.
He always found me.Even in my secret spots.And apparently.He quit.
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Old 06-14-2010   #13
Too fast for you to see me.
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Well, my name on SRB2 is PedroH, and my best rivals on the match are:

Sonix or Sonic_magy: He plays all the types of the game as the best of all. I think he's more than an addict .... he is an android! here are the video with your wins:

HENRIQUE<PLZ>: He is a good opponent, and it makes him one of my rivals too.

Spazzo: I always see him with knuckles, and he is veeeery good on match and CTF.
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Old 06-14-2010   #14
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Originally Posted by fox Unit 01 View Post
Old 1.09 screenshot is old. I have no idea how either of us got scores that high.

Probably it was Chaos mode, and it was actually 1.08 ^_^()
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Old 06-16-2010   #15
tyrzi's Avatar

1. kox - you don't know what you are up against, he is now totally different
2. lxshad - same as alway, better than kox (sorry)
3. kiddytails was back then 1.09.4, but he is still railing me when he is online.
4. me vs me, i gonna lose.
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Old 06-16-2010   #16
Probably Responsible
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Originally Posted by tyrzi View Post
3. kiddytails was back then 1.09.4, but he is still railing me when he is online.
Kiddytails is a girl, IIRC. I could be wrong though.
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Old 06-17-2010   #17

It seems LXShadow is on almost everyones list. Well he is a good challenge. Me, well I don't really know who are my top 5 irritating opponents. I would have to say maybe anyone who's good with rails, because rails are my weakness. Well now that I think of it there is one person who is very irritating, well he was until he stopped playing a month ago. Oh by the way I am known as Commander Supersonic or Inspector Supersonic in Net Games.
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Old 06-17-2010   #18

No one, except Mystic and sb. Thank God they barely play SRB2 though.
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Old 06-17-2010   #19
Chaos Knux
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2.0 System
  1. KOTE - I have nothing to say, Under the 2.0 system he's the most formidable I've faced yet.
  2. Tie between everyone I've ever faced with mastery of the Rail - Railmasters...need I go on.
  3. Fooruman - I flee to the other room when I see his server and it's not Team-based, 'nuff said
  4. KOX3D - Beat my team in all-on-one CTF. It was 7 on him with three flag-guards at any given time.
  5. IceKirby99 - Brought me out of a Magnet-Super I rigged up with 9999 rings and a full arsenal, and I was abusing my skin-change scripts on top of that! I rigged it before anyone joined
1.09.4a system
  1. sb - IIRC he was the first to get a WOP in Jazz's Deathmatch Arena Zone barring Jazz himself.
  2. Star Max Team - Team records: SMT 7 | RS 3 (IIRC)
  3. kiddytails - Why I'm glad Homing got the ax, s/he mixed it too well.
  4. Armonte - Tough cookie, Bomb-master IIRC
  5. The whole of the LX gang (Except LXKnuckles, who is me) - See LXShadow's reasons in other posts, the rest are because they all also kick my ass in their own way.
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Originally Posted by Derpy Hooves; Today, Tomorrow, and Forever
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Old 06-17-2010   #20
9999 damage.
Phantom's Avatar

I rarely hate the peopole I fight but there is still some that I can't find an way to fight.

1. sb: Seriously, I think no one actuatly won against him(exepted Jazz)
2. Jazz: Even if thats been ages since I fought him, he can aim even better than sb
3. Pwn3d777: I rarely win when I fight versus him.
4. Spazzo: To be honest, I don't wanna fight him again.
5. SuperSonicStar*: If you watch the video he upload, you can clearly see that he owns me easily.
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