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Default Custom Character on Wiki

Hi, I wanted to learn how to create a custom character and I found a guide on the Wiki and it says that the sprite portion of the guide is outdated. Are there any up to date tutorials anywhere or are the outdated parts minimal and/or negligible. Thank you!
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I've taken a quick look at the custom character sprites article and the only outdated parts I saw were:
  • The mentions of XWE (that program is outdated crap, do not use it).
  • Having to make the "transparent" parts of sprites into the cyan color - just make them normally transparent instead, that's what all the official sprites do nowadays and I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a mod whose sprites do the cyan thing.
  • The game crashing if it finds graphic files not converted to the Doom format - this is no longer true. At least for PNG files, the game will handle the conversion by itself. (You might still want to convert them however, if only so you can ensure the sprites will look exactly how they should in-game)
Everything else seems good.
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