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I'm not really into Sonic the hedgehog today as much as I used to on my teens, how I got into Sonic the Hedgehog is the same way I got into his games. I'm not really crazy on Sonic or anything but I do like him, his design and his silly cocky attitude, and of course some of his games.

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Could have sworn we had another thread like this, oh well...

My first Sonic game was Sonic the Hedgehog 1, on a bootleg CD that had about 100 Megadrive ROMs with an emulator, shops used to sell them very cheap around here, I'm not ashamed to say I never bothered to finish the game, much like the rest of the Genesis games, they seemed like any other Platformer I have played before it, then as I was scrolling the list of ROMs I discovered Sonic 3D Blast, and that was what really got me into Sonic Games, love the aesthetic and the music, I never minded any of it's control or gameplay-related issues, in fact, I didn't even know about them until years later when I found out people complained about the gameplay not being traditional Sonic-style and the slipperiness of controls.

Then as I was reading more about the game on google and youtube I stumbled upon a Gameplay video of Red Volcano Zone from SRB2, the video didn't mention the name of the game, but Thankfully some people in the comments were kind enough to give the name of the game, 3D Blast was my first true Sonic game and I wouldn't have discovered SRB2 or even got into Sonic games in the first place without it, 2D Sonic games don't interest me as much as the 3D ones, despite 3D Sonic era's poor reputation.
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Default How did i get into Sonic...

My first sonic game as i stated in another thread was Sonic Adventure DX. My favorite character in that game was tails he was my favorite to play as because i loved flying over any obstacle in my way. The moment i knew that i liked the sonic series was when i saw a trailer for sonic adventure 2 although never getting the game when i got my ps2 it had a demo disc with city escape on it and i played that one stage over and over again constantly trying to get new speeds it was the most fun i had with a game back then.
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Ultimate claps Flash claps Sonic claps
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My first Sonic game was Ultimate Flash Sonic, but my first official one was Sonic CD. It was the mobile port because I'm a zoomer. I like to think that the game's visuals and soundtrack made up a part of who I am and who I will be in the future, but that's most likely not true. :p

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I grew to like the character design and gameplay after I found some Sonic fan games online in the early 2000s. Next thing was getting MegaDrive with Sonic 3 :)
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When I was little (about 7-8 years old), my mom used to drop me and my siblings off in the play room when she went to the gym and there was a TV with plenty of video games, among them the Genesis Sonic trilogy. Those games blew my mind as a kid and I loved watching others play them (especially Chemical Plant Zone), but I could never really understand how to play them and badly failed, which made me feel pretty miserable. I also remember thinking Tails and Knuckles were girls.

I didn't touch Sonic again until Sonic Mania caught my eye in summer 2018. I bought it on Steam, played it a lot, picked up several other Sonic games, and got into SRB2 when 2.2 came out because I saw a bunch of people talk about how good it was online.
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I was OBSESSED with fans when I was young, and Sonic's legs spun like a fan. Then I was hooked for around 13 YEARS (!!!), then I thought... "well, the games are honestly getting shakier and shakier as they come out... So...
*insert easily accessible Mario Game on the WII here* I loved the Galaxy series... Now I don't really play Sonic games anymore... Just SRB2...


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