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WAD master
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Originally Posted by glaber
Originally Posted by WAD master
Originally Posted by The Tails Doll
I's suh a n000000bb.s i cant speel anythiing rought!
Three dots.
I'm able to read some of the n00b language but what was that about? (wadmaster?)
Three dots means I'm silent and have nothing to say.
You were SO lucky that time! JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL I-
Best quote ever.
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Silver Da Hedgehog

Well DUH!Anyways:good soc!

BTW,you haven't edited the ttp thing.
Yes, i am serious now most of the time, no, this account isn't hacked by a serious person, yes, sometimes, i still am crazy or happy.
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Old 10-07-2007   #23
Evil Tails Chao
Default OH MY .... That looks creapy

Originally Posted by SonicX8000

EGGMAN:I have had it with you sonic!
*Begins firing alot of weapons nonstop.*

I say this is like EXRTA HARD MODE, give you a 8/10.
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