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Default R's Editing Thread

Long Time no see!

Decided to make a new thread for my stuff in general, not just the Modern/Unleashed Sonic, as I do expect to post a few things here.
Expect to see more stuff here than stuff that will ever get released :V

That doesn't mean though that this stuff can't inspire others to do something.

However, I do want to point this out now:
The stuff here ISN'T FREE TO USE, ask me before and give credit!

I'm usually friendly with that kind of stuff and I prefer doing releases and seeing stuff being used than stuff never getting releases/for "special people" only and all that nonsense...
However, seeing how the Beta for the Unleashed Sonic Sprites kind of got shared everywhere and used for many other things without me being credited... gets one tired, REALLY tired.

I hope that this doesn't sound too ranty but I did want to point that out to avoid further nonsense of that kind.

So, what's the status of the projects:

Unleashed/Modern Sonic
Status: WIP/Reboot

I've quickly looked at it last Summer and done some improvements as well as decided to use a different system to create him, which should save time at almost no downside.
Still will take a good while and I do want to finalize a bunch of stuff though.
Recently I've been working on him again and can show you this:
Click image for larger version

Name:	20180901_Unleashedsonic_Preview.png
Views:	99
Size:	3.2 KB
ID:	13455
That's the most recent version on the left as of yesterday.
However, I'm still fighting with the stupid blue palette of SRB2 which I'll elaborate more on a further post.

Then there's also this:
Click image for larger version

Name:	20180901_Unknown_Preview.png
Views:	78
Size:	1.7 KB
ID:	13456
Can you guess what it is and where it's from?
This one is more Palette friendly than Unleashedsonic, however, due to being made for a specific color, it's kind of dark, too dark in fact with others...
Wish we'd be able to adjust skincolors per character/make our own/set more changeable color ranges...
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Update on the sprite:
I did adjust the shading on the Blue, which meant that it was done all over again from scratch:

This was based on the shading of Motorroach's new Sonic, using the Shading of that as a reference for this, think it worked out nice, however the lack of a front frame(and the one from Fsonic doesn't make it any easier) made this a bit of a challenge in certain areas.
I've already addressed the line on the top spike so that won't be going all the way and just be on corners while the bottom spikes need a rework but I'm not sure how to handle that one quite yet.
Or... Just got an idea...

Anyways, what I'd like to do is somewhat finalize the look and shading guide of this and then finally roll out with sprites, so if you have any feedback it's best to do that now.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	20180902_Unleashedsonic_Preview.png
Views:	831
Size:	5.4 KB
ID:	13495  
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Dudu the dog
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cool continue it i wanna play with it :D
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Are you still working on it, if so, keep going at it
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