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The Marcos (MarcosBP#9796)
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Default Question about Submissions

I'll put this hypothetically. Imagine a certain user posts a level. But then he/she decides that he/she wants to add another part (basically another level) to the addon, but, does it nees to pass Submissions again as another addon? Is it added to the thread without being judged? Do the addon details need to be changed from SP/MP to Level Pack? Does a judge have to test it before (through PMs or something)? Is It prohibited to add the new part if he/she didn't state he/she would before? I was going through this dilemma and I don't want to get into problems in future situations.
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nanananananananananananan a
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The Submissions system is mostly in place to prevent plagiarism and ensure a certain level of effort and playability from addons in Releases. If you're adding a segment to your level, it's 1) hopefully not plagiarized, 2) only adding more effort to your release, and 3) probably perfectly playable if it follows suit with the rest of your release. The judges assume good faith with Releases updates. Updating the addon settings and details to reflect changes is certainly recommended, too!
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