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Default Official Level Design Contest Voting: March/April

Welcome to the March/April 2006 contest. We have an unbelievable turnout of 27 entries, beating the last record, so let's get to judging!

The voting works as follows: Play a few games of the stage in question, in the intended gametype for judging, and give the map a vote from 0 to 10. You can not vote on your own map. To encourage voting, if you are an author and you judge all of the competitor's maps, the lowest score on your map will be dropped. Please be as unbiased as possible for the author or the look of the map. It's all about how good the map plays, nothing else.

Although it's not necessary, it's very helpful to make comments about what you liked and didn't like about the map, so the author can improve his skill for future attempts.

Judging will end May 10th at midnight GMT (May 9th, 7:00 PM EST). The scores will be then averaged, and the person with the highest score is the winner.

The maps follow:

Single Player Contest Levels - 5,124 KB

The single player levels are:
Dragon Valley 2 - ZTaimat
Green Land 1 - KingofFlames
Radical Highway - Blue Blur
Sunken Palace - ree-c
Paradise Cove - Hyper Tails

Match/CTF Contest Level Pack - 588 KB

Match/CTF Pack contains the following maps:

MAP01 - Waterfall Warfare - ST218
MAP02 - Abyss Highway - ZTaimat
MAP03 - Toxic Turmoil - Spazzo
MAP04 - Rocky Ravine - Blue Blur
MAP05 - Agrabah - Mikel
MAP06 - Aquatic Caves - ree-c
MAP07 - Molten Core - ree-c
MAP08 - Techno Heights - ree-c
MAP09 - Greenery Hotel - JJames19119
MAP10 - Power Ring - Walter
MAP11 - Searing Wellspring - Oogaland
MAP12 - Lost Temple - Chabo
MAP13 - Rush Job - Neo Chaotikal

Capture the Flag
MAP14 - Crystal Dimension - ST218
MAP15 - Forest War - ZTaimat
MAP16 - Castle Jail - ZTaimat
MAP17 - Imbedded Urban - Blue Blur
MAP18 - Wall Fortresses - JJames19119
MAP19 - W.A's Soccer - Walter
MAP20 - Terrace Tussel - ST218
MAP21 - Green Mushroom - FuriousFox
MAP22 - Slime Tower - Chaos Zero 64

Please make sure to play the levels in the intended gametype, and above all, have fun judging!

Update (05/01/06 11:34 PM EST): Reuploaded single player pack. Ree-c's resubmission somehow didn't get included properly. Fixed. If you already rated the map, please re-rate the stage with the proper version.
Update (05/07/06 6:05 PM EST): Extended deadline for voting by two days due to the extended downtime of the forums during the voting period.
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Old 05-01-2006   #2

Holy Jesus, that's alotta maps.
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Over The Speed Limit
ZarroTsu's Avatar

Toldya I thought this would be the biggest contest ever ;)

now then, lets all seperate the good from the crap. GAME ON!!

Dragon Valley 2: Crap. Yes, coming from the author. I dont know what I was thinking when I entered it,and why I didn't ask mystic to remove it. oh well...

Green Land 1: small. very small.

Radical Highway: Interesting. Needs a level header, as well as maybe a size increase. It was nice for some of it.

Sunken Palace: Friking huge. the only map of the SP bunch that looks good. however, two things to make it better at the end: 1) we need air to breath. 2) An exit would be nice. Missing a header.

Paradise Cove: Blech. This place was horribly, HORRIBLY cramped and stuffed with enemies. as well as short.

match/ctf maps
Green mushroom: bloody brilliant! The best Idea ever! ...too bad the overall level is small.
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Shuffle's Avatar

I haven't played the match maps yet, but I must say, I'm dissapointed in most of the Single Player maps. x_X
Lelouche Vi Britannia commands you.. MAKE BETTER POSTS!
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Old 05-01-2006   #5
SRB2-Playah's Avatar


Dragon Valley 2------- 4/10
Nothing really notable. 'Cept it seems to me that it was not ZenNoded. The numerous gaping triangle-shaped holes cost ya -1 point.

Green Land 1---------- 6/10
Not bad level design. Though, I'm wondering what that hole near the start is for...

Radical Highway------- 6/10
I like long levels. And levels with multiple paths.
But the problem with those levels is that you get lost alot...
Couldn't help a brotha out and put an arrow here and there?

Sunken Palace--------- ?/??
Before I place my vote on this map, I wanna ask. Does this map have any exit? I can't bloody find it. I just get to a set of stairs that go down under water to a dead end.

Paradise Cove--------- 5/10
A bit short. Nothing really noteworthy. 'Cept the hordes of enemies. And the music...

I can't say that this month's SP levels are very bad. But I can't say they're very good either.
Good try, guys.
Hey, hey hey.
Chill out.
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Hyper Tails
Noob2Pro in just 4 years

Single Player Levels:

Dragon Valley 2 - 4/10

This one was really cramped in some places, and there were no large areas in the level. Although it was quite good to play.

Green Land 1 - 7/10

I enjoyed this level a lot because of the open spaces and the item balance. Although there were a lot of enemies in some of the rooms and the starpost could be activated from above the starpost.

Radical Highway - 5/10

As soon as I started the level, I saw sky texture glitches. I also had a hard time finding my way to the end because of the multiple paths. I think this level is more like a maze. I also noticed how the title still read "Greenflower Zone 1".

Sunken Palace - 9/10

This one had a really good level layout. I give lots of credit to this one except for the fact that when you died and respawned at a starpost, the music didn't change from the default. Other than that, it was almost perfect.

Paradise Cove - N/A

I don't think I did well on this one because the rooms were too cramped and there were too many enemies. However, I enjoyed it from the starpost onwards.

Match Levels:

Waterfall Warefare - 5/10

This one was too big and there were lots of auto rings in one place. It was a good idea, but it makes it too hard to find other players.

Abyss Highway - 7/10

This one had a nice layout, in the sence that is was symmetrical, it had a balance of rings and it was a good size for a match. However, I noticed that it was very easy to fall into the pit. There should be more platforms to jump to.

Toxic Turmoll - 6/10

Nice layout and suitable for a match but somewhat frustrating when you fall in the acid. I found the eggman monitors on the conveyor belt funny.

Rocky Ravine - 5/10

I could only see one weapon ring on this map, so not very suitable for match. However, it had a good layout and size, so I give it credit for that.

Agrabah - 4/10

A good layout, but a bad balance of items. There were two bomb rings together and two auto rings together. Also, I noticed that some of the rings were not set to deaf. However, I liked the teaser platform in the center.

Aquatic Caves 3 - 10/10

This is probably one of the best match levels ever. Very good layout, very good size, very good everything. I really liked the colormap above the water.

Molten Core 1 - 10/10

This level had a brilliant layout, as well as a suitable size. No complaints, apart from the fact that the level was not symmetrical.

Techno Heights 2 - 10/10

This one had a very good layout, as it looked good for CTF too. There were enough platforms to avoid falling into the pit.

Greenery Hotel - 9/10

At first, I didn't think this level was that good, but once I looked around, I decided to give it a nine. It had very good layout and size, and the special rings were placed well. Almost perfect.

Power Ring - 4/10

What was with the water? Also, the special rings were all placed in the middle. The rings were not set to deaf, and the special rings were not even symmetrical.

Searing Wellspring - 8/10

This level was quite good, except there was in some places too many rings scattered around.

Lost Temple - 10/10

Simple layout, good item balance, no faults immediately come to mind.

Rush Job - 10/10

See above.

"Capture the Flag" Levels

Crystal Dimension - 10/10

Very good level, as you have to cross the pit of death to capture the flag. No complaints.

Forest War - 9/10

See "Lost Temple".

Castle Jail - ?/?

I couldn't find this level in the CTF levels so no mark.

Imbedded Urban - 8/10

Quite good, but could have been better. The team bases were a bit like a maze, which confused me a few times.

Wall Fortesses - 10/10

I thought this one was very well designed because I noticed that you couldn't go directly from one base to the other. I liked the use of different colormaps between bases. It livened things up a bit.

W.A's Soccer - 9/10

A brilliant CTF level. My only complaint is that there were four monitors, a bomb ring and an auto ring in one place.

Terrace Tussel - 9/10

Nothing much wrong with this map except a few wall textures when you start as a spectator.

Green Mushroom - 10/10!

WOW! Brilliant map! Amazing! This should be used as a Sonic vs. Mario wad. Only one thing comes to mind. Wouldn't the change in music cause CFs a lot?

Slime Tower - 10/10

This level was very good as it took a lot of effort to capture the flag.
If at first you do not succeed, try try again.
If at second you succeed, read the manual.
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Oogaland's Avatar

I could've sworn I submitted a CTF map yesterday, and several hours before the deadline, too. Never mind; guess I'll resubmit it next time. Anyway: testing time. *downloads*
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Old 05-01-2006   #8

Ooh, nice, this contest must have been pretty popular...
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Old 05-01-2006   #9
Super mystic sonic
The Golden Blur
Super mystic sonic's Avatar

Well, time for me to host my monthly CTF game!
If you need a reply, contact me on Youtube/Skype.
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Bouncey's Avatar

I haven't played the match stages but I have played the SP levels all with Sonic Tails and Knuckles (except Dragon valley).This is my first time voting.

Dragon Valley 2 - ZTaimat
Not bad, seems like a small version of silver valley but ignoring that, not bad. 5/10

Green Land 1 - King of Flames
It's good, but this map is to short and to easy to get lost as Sonic. As for Knuckles, it was same but a little more fun. However, when I played as Tails I found some fun so I think it shows lots of promise for the other levels. 6/10

Radical Highway - Blue Blur
It's allright, it needs a level header and it very easy to fall off that I only completed this as Tails (I did play it as all of them but it was too tough). 3/10

Sunken Palace - Ree-c
I haven't found the exit but I have gone futher in to the map, I have also found two emerald tokens. BTW nice recreation of the ditched hidden palace from Sonic 2. But it did need the music, oh well! 7/10

Paradise Cove - Hyper Tails
I thought this level was the most enjoyable. The cramped-ness I got used to and the placement of the enemies was really good - and even the song fits the theme well. Very good, one suggestion though - it is a little short. I wonder if an eggman boss would work at the end with multi-tag on? 8/10

There is a lot of effort gone into all this, I've tried to vote fairly but I appreciate all the hard work from all the makers. It's great to try new ideas out. :)
.. Wow I get a bashing on just explaining something..
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Blue Blur

Uhh... Mystic, I submitted a level header, didn't I? I'm almost sure I did. Oh well, RHZ isn't too great anyway. I'm kinda concerned over the sky glitches...
When in doubt, go with what you know.

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True liar.
Naga's Avatar


I'm sure I resubmmitted sunken palace with a header..I'm 100% positive that did.

...Is it possible for me/you to upload the one that HAS the header and the exit?

Anyway, you should find an email called "sunkenpalace resubmmision", dated for the 14th of april 2006, from the same address as the original submission, I sent the previous, incomplete one, before, accidently, do you think you can upload that one?
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Old 05-01-2006   #13
Generally Friendly
Aegix's Avatar

(download in progress)

I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning. Let's see how good this latest batch is!
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Shadow Hog
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I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning, too!

...AP Testing. But maybe some night this week!
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Chaos Zero 64
Chaos Zero 64's Avatar

Cool! My level got in! Thank you Mystic! Thank you! :cry happily:
Originally Posted by Bigboi View Post
Personally, if SEGA makes a nice sum of cash, they're doing their job well. They don't need to appeal to hordes of manchildren that are pissed that some kid games aren't fun to play.
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Super mystic sonic
The Golden Blur
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I'm gonna vote too for a change.

SP levels

Dragon Valley 2 - 6/10

This level is really cramped. I couldn't run at full speed without running in a wall. The level is actually flawless, but I can't say I really enjoyed it.

Green Land 1 - 7/10

This looks like a pretty normal level with some things average and some things in mini size. I did enjoy the part after the bridge, though.

Radical Highway - 4/10

I can't say I enjoyed any part of the level exept the very last part. It told me I was in greenflower 1, and played GF1's music. The act was cramped in most parts, and I got lost in secret places I never wanted to find.

Sunken Palace - 8/10

The level looks good and doesn't have any glitches, but there were too many bubbles to provide a little challenge, and it took me so long to find the exit I gave up and played the next level. Other then that, its a good level.

Paradise Cove - 4/10

Paradise cove? Hell cove! The level was very cramped, unallowing me to kill the enemies in my path. I just used objectplace, placed a few ring boxes, and got trough it with Hyper Mystic Sonic.

Match levels

Waterfall Warefare - 7/10

Overall a nice level. When I explored the level, I found some wall glitches. It irritates me that you must use a bridge to get to the other side of the water with Sonic. Next time, place some springs to cross the water.

Abyss Highway - 7/10

Its a nice level, but it isn't handy to not be able to see the platforms below you. I fel in the pit alot, mostly cause of the previous reason, and cause I ran to hard at a spring.

Toxic Turmoll - 5/10

Looks nice on the first sight. When I hit a spring, I was trying to avoid the pipes above me, but then it seemed I could go trough em. Thats very unhandy. You can't see enemies cause of those pipes, and you can't see where you land.

Rocky Ravine - 8/10

Personaly, I love this kind of levels. The level looks good, has plenty of rings, and there are more then enough places to hide. The only problem I found, is that there's only 1 weapon ring.

Agrabah - 5/10

Looks good. Plays bad in netgames. No further comments.

Aquatic Caves 3 - 8/10

Most people hate to have match while watching out not to drown. The level looks great, but I had a hard time getting outa the water.

Molten Core 1 - 7/10

When you come close to the shrine, a heck of a lagg is coming. Its also bad that you have to jump in order to get up the stairs. furthermore, the weapon balance is not very good. I did like the open spaces, and nice layout, though!

Techno Heights 2 - 9/10

Feels great in match, and looks very good too! The only small problem I had was that some rings were on the side of the platforms, and that needs you to be carefull. (and thats not my style)

Greenery Hotel - 9/10

I loved the level! Great! Perfect level layout, good ring placement, and enough places to hide and run! But why can't Sonic get up the tree's?

Power Ring - 6/10

So, you have a nice open space, I like that. the level looks fine, but that red spring in the water is very bad. I couldn't see where I fell at all. THE THING I REALLY HATED was that there were 4 weapon rings in the middle! Thats......bad.

Searing Wellspring - 710

No reall comments about it.

Lost Temple - 5/10

It looks good, but there's a invinciblilty in the middle, wich is bad. Also the level is really small. And the music didn't really inspire me to have a good match.

Rush Job - 7/10

Nice, simple level with a lot of open space. The rings were placed well, and finnally Sonic has the upper hand in match, instead of that damn tails. Well, in reality thats a bad thing, so you'll lose points cause of that.

''CTF'' levels

Crystal Dimension - 6/10

I found a lot of glitches here, and the pit is soooo very bad placed I actually lose all my voice.

Forest War - 8/10

This level proves that simple doesn't always have to be bad. This levels really good, and has fast, comfortable action. I loved how the secret holes where placed.

Imbedded Urban - 6/10

I hate this kinda levels. The team bases were like a maze, and you couldn't run in the open field cause of the river.

Wall Fortesses - 8/10

This really looks good. At first I tought the level would be ruined, cause you could thok to the other side, but you couldn't do that, an that suprised me (on a good way)

W.A's Soccer - 6/10

Bad ring placement, flashing color, lagg. It all makes my head spin. Well, at least it looks sortof nice. You should have placed a koopa shell in the middle.

Terrace Tussel - 8/10

Pretty good level, I got no real comments about, though. Try fixing the lagg, and the wall glitches at the start.

Green Mushroom - 8/10

MARIO VS SONIC! I liked the change of music, and i'm suprised you could make both areas symetrial with other textures! The level was small, though.

Slime Tower - 8/10

I got bored of this very quick, while its actually a great level in netgames. There are way too much item boxes at 1 place, though.

Tons of levels this contest, huh? Most SP levels were too cramped too be fun. The match levels really rocked this time, and the CTF levels were pretty nice.
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Why did they remove Grey
JJames19119's Avatar

Ohhh man. The SP levels look blah but I appear to have some VERY TIGHT competition for both Match and CTF, despite my maps still showing very well. And seeing as how there are a lot of maps, I can definately tell this map turnout for Match and CTF is a very, very good one.

I'll be testing the SP Levels out now, I'll test the Match levels out when my friend signs on. :O
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Old 05-01-2006   #18
True liar.
Naga's Avatar

Erm, SMS, you added comments for the searing well thingy for my molten core map, there is no stairs on that map, and no shrine.

Anyway..this is the map for sunken palace which I sent the day after, this is the complete one.

And I'm not trying to cheat, just check the modified date, 14th of april, 2006.

MechWarrior 4. That's it.
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Old 05-01-2006   #19
Permanently Banned

Ok, before I vote, let me say this: Its all in reverse!
The SP maps suck, and all the other maps (mostly) rock!
Ill vote after ive had a few more games on em...
And, oh yeah, this contest's wads seem to be...oversized....alot....:P
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Old 05-01-2006   #20
Why did they remove Grey
JJames19119's Avatar

Dragon Valley 2 - ZTaimat - 4/10
Hmm, rigns not deaf'd. Always a minus there. The level was quite cramped too. The water part was more or less blah, since it was just running through a part that was through water. The part with the forks and detons was really annoying because it was a bit difficult to tell which way to go first. The river wasn't all that great and I found the pillar hopping quite annoying, especially since I had to do it over again due to a mis placed thok. A tad small but an alright effort nonetheless.

Green Land 1 - KingofFlames - 5/10
Needs sector borders but at least the rings are deaf'd. You also should make those moving platforms...platforms. Meaning intangible from below, because they can crush you very very easily and there's many of them, I got a game over from them and that's no good.[/ytmnd] Otherwise, it's very short and the ring placement is just a tad odd. Also, try placing more secrets in the level. I found only one that was simply far too easy to spot.

Radical Highway - Blue Blur - 5/10
The first thing I noticed was how annoyingly dark it was. I was of course using software mode so I had to feel around a lot to get my footing, which, more or less, resulted in many deaths. The path itself was confusing to say the least, I sometimes didn't know which way to go. Not even the direction of the enemies helped since sometimes, I had to go against that. The lack of a header was also weird but I'm sure that's just Mystic being weird. ^_~ One final note: too many rings in singular spots. Overall, this wasn't too much of a fun level, though it was big and expansive at least.

Sunken Palace - ree-c - 8/10
Another lack of level header! Mystic needs wake up pills. ^_~ This level was big and expansive, and I loved that. I used up at least 5 minutes eploring the first area alone. I even went on to play this level as Tails a few times. However, upon playing through it, I noticed it went to a dead end. So I opened it up in DB and has no exit! Better check your maps twice after finishing them. :P Anyways, I loved the ring placement, the air bubble placement, the enemy placement, and your things are in good order and shape. This level also had visual appeal and was fun to run through. Red springs might not have been your best idea underwater but oh well. :P Overall, I think the only thing missing (Except from the level header and exit) is an extra starpost just before the water rising part, as that can be tricky sometimes. Otherwise, this level looks great.

Paradise Cove - Hyper Tails - 2/10
Wow, what a level. If it was a level. Just looked like a hyper Chaos mode all over again. So many enemies, so many cramped corridors...small level, bad design, glitches, ugh. Not a good level. Also, the Open Your Heart music was a tad unnessesary...
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