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Default TrackMania 2020 Thread

I decided to do this as a new thread because the old threads are over 10 years dead, but TrackMania Nations now has a remake which is out now, simply called TrackMania. (Or TrackMania 2020 as some people call it) That, and because there are a few bits I want to have in the new OP which is relevant to the new game.

Obviously, there's a bit of contention about the Access passes going around. Yes, you're basically paying a subscription, but don't forget that said subscription lets you keep all 100 (or 300 for the three-year Club Access) maps from the quarterly campaigns, as well as all 365 (or over 1,000 with the three-year Club Access) of the Tracks of the Day, and the advanced track editor is yours to keep forever regardless of which pass you buy. And these subscriptions can allow you to join Clubs - including ones made by other members of the community with Club access even if you just have the Standard Access.

Speaking of Clubs, I have started a couple of them, but the main one I'd draw your attention to is one which will (hopefully) have versions of SRB2Kart tracks in TrackMania. Now, some tracks might not be able to fit, while others may become less (or maybe slightly more) complex, but I do want to see just how many of the maps in the base SRB2K (including maybe some of the Map Hell ones?) we can get into TrackMania 2020. As of the writing of this post, I have made concepts for the routes of the first four maps in SRB2K, with Daytona Speedway being my next planned map to design. If you have or will get Standard Access or even Club Access, search for "SRB2K in TrackMania" - you'll find the club there.

If I make a dedicated thread for that Club, the link will go here. For now, though, this spot is reserved for that link.

Other than that, for those of you who have yet to experience TrackMania, why don't you watch the original trailer, the release trailer, a community made trailer or even visit the official site.

And for those of you who join us? I'll see you on the track!
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Originally Posted by Latius View Post
I decided to do this as a new thread because the old threads are over 10 years dead

Feels weird seeing a thread past me made 12 years ago..

I imagine porting the SRB2Kart maps over wouldn't be terribly challenging, as the TM2020 map editor allows for placing blocks off-axis now. The main issue would be making sure the tracks are fun in trackmania's physics, which involves a lot of play-testing as you stretch/shorten certain sections of the track.

I'm still on the fence about buying this iteration of trackmania; I have enough disposable income where I could do it with no hesitation, but the payment model leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'd rather buy the game with a one time fee of like $40-50, ya know? I also don't appreciate how you can create car skins with the $10 tier, but need to be on the $30 tier to actually use them.
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