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Default Pharaoh Rebirth+

Originally Posted by Steam Description
An ancient evil has been set loose, and Jonathan cursed in the process. Jonathan must now collect seven holy grails from around all of Egypt to cleanse himself of the curse of Sehur the first. Be delighted by the quirky humor, charming characters, and the beautifully designed world, in Pharaoh Rebirth+!

This is a game I recently played through and loved immensely, and the lack of attention to it is downright criminal. In Pharaoh Rebirth you play as Jonathan, a human cursed with a rabbit form trying to track down seven holy grails before he and his turtle rival Andre are killed by Sehur the First. Your fuzzy appearance isn't just for show, as you'll have to use Jonathan's ears to explore and discover secrets as well as defeat enemies.

Being a metroidvania at heart, there is a heavy emphasis on collecting all of the treasure the game has to offer for different sub-weapons to use as well as boosting your own stats, giving you more ways to approach combat than just using standard attacks all the time. Replaying stages to find more loot is enjoyable in of itself as you gain new abilities to get around easier as you progress through the game, such as the ability to turn your ears into a hang-glider and having them turn into a chain to swing from. In my 9 hours playing, I still haven't even come close to collecting every single treasure and I'll definitely be coming back to it to find everything.

The graphics are quite astounding given every sprite was made by one individual and the music will easily put you in an adventurous mood, perfectly complementing the gameplay. As the description says, there are a lot of lovable characters such as Andre (a snarky illegal digger turned turtle), Jack (Jonathan's companion/Otacon), and at some point the US government steps in as well. The story itself has a lot of unexpected turns and twists as well as a few comical moments to lighten the mood when the going gets a bit rough for our fuzzy hero.

If this sounds interesting enough to you at all, you can check out the game's Steam page which also happens to have a trailer for it. Happy exploring!

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