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Default Do levels from Doom 1 & 2 work in SRB2?

I'm a bit interested in seeing how original Doom levels would play using SRB2's mechanics, yet I haven't seen any posts about this topic. Also, if this is in the wrong section, let me know. This is actually my first post, and I haven't made an account until just now.
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No, it would require some conversion and tweaking, for instance doors require you to press the use button to open them or find keys, in SRB2 neither of these exist, you would also have to convert textures palette to SRB2's.

I actually tried something like this with my zSRB2 Mod without the levels in and it turned out pretty bad, you move faster leading gameplay to be frustrating and confusing, not to mention Doom's levels are usually non-linear and there's not enough space to move fast making controls even worse, and too much hitscanners.
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Monster Iestyn
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Fun trivia, the spin button is still referred to as "use" in a few places. May also be useful to know that SRB2 doesn't have Doom's line-based triggers, instead it has sector-based triggers for certain effects used in maps.

Though that said, we have support for Lua in SRB2, which in theory COULD be used to recreate some of the missing features from Doom 1/2 at least, as far as I know.
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Actually, I have to wonder: while it is obviously incompatable in the present version, what is the last version of SRB2 that can still run Doom maps without massive issue?

Suffice to say, it took going back all the way to Christmas 0.96 in order to get freedoom2.wad to not crash. Lunatic.wad crashed as soon as I tried to thok, but that might have just been due to the dehacked in the wad. All versions after 0.96 crash with freedoom2.wad before you can manage you get into the level, at various steps.

But yeah, around 2.0, the level format was changed to be heavily different from that of the additions to the original doom map format that had been used before that point.

Hope this post was informative!

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Thanks for clearing that up for me guys, I'm a noob in these parts, and I don't know much.
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