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Default Fury's Test Master Server (STAT: UP)

Alrighty, I'm just gonna leave this up for a bit...

Here's an alternative Master Server. To use it, set your Master Server Address in SRB2 under Server Settings in Options or whatever to "" or "". This will test my connection and I will see if we really need an alt server.

Address: or

Just ping the server in-game for server list, I'm having troubles with the MS Page source. Maybe because I haven't updated it from svn lol

Current Status: Up

Just a note that this topic may not always get updated. To check and see if the Master Server is up at ANY time, open up command prompt and type this:
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... AKA Resonious
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This could be useful. I'll try it.
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How do you set up a MS? I never turn off my computer, so I have a 24/7 server just waiting to be used.
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Old 05-02-2007   #4

Get the Master Server source code from SVN and build it with Dev-C++. That's all I'm gonna say.
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I'll use that MS one or more times.
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