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Formerly known as 'Neo'
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Red Volcano Zone 1:

These pits are inescapable if you fall in with an Elemental Shield.

There's one things that's always bothered me about Red Volcano. Why are the pits so godforsaken deep? All the sectors with lava need their floors raised up to just below the surface, like in the multiplayer map Infernal Cavern. That way, if players run into lava falls, they won't plummet 600 feet and become stuck at the bottom of the reef.

I'm not exactly prepared to rework most of the map, but I will add some escape springs to these pits. -Jazz

It's possible to trigger the lava that lifts the end platform but not stay on it, needless to say, this leads to undesired behaviour.

Spazzo Note: Who would jump on the platform with the signpost, only to jump back off? That's what sounds like undesirable (player) behaviour to me.

I made the sector right at the entrance close upward, much like the one at the beginning after crossing the threshold. This doesn't happen in race mode or co-op. -Jazz

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Originally Posted by Cyan Ryan View Post
Rings seem to respawn in DSZ3 in Co-op. Not sure if they do it in other levels.
It's a little something called ITEMRESPAWN. The server had it set on for whatever reason. Monitors respawn too when it's on.

Originally Posted by D00D64 View Post
I was a spectator when I entered the room, but I was NOT in a "ghost" state, and was on a "neutral" team during a Team Match. I just entered the room, prepared to spawn, then I was hit and killed by a weapon, and noticed I wasn't a real spectator. I was able to fight like I always did (sadly without seeing my weapon ring totals, but ah well), and stayed as a lavender Sonic the whole time. I think I caused a lot of consfail kicks too, but it might have just been the server's consfail protect options.

Do you know of any way to recreate that? -Jazz
If you make a text file consisting of the next line, you can recreate that.

color orange;wait 30;exec filename.txt

No, you can't. I fixed that bug with EXEC ages ago. This seems like a completely unrelated bug... probably related to something Spazzo already found earlier. ~Inuyasha

I'm not sure how it happened without provocation, though. Probably D00D was hit by a weapon on the same frame he tried to spawn.

EDIT: Oh, and for some reason I'm getting more lag than I used to. I usually play with a bunch of my friends in our own server, so I know how much lag I should be getting from each person, and I think SRB2 sending more crap in its packets could be part of the problem.

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The IWAD crusade continues!

  • Squared off the outside edges of the broken fountain at the start. It doesn't look quite the same, but it fixes being able to run straight through some of its walls.
  • Fixed a couple walls in the starting area that didn't have the NOCLIMB flag.
  • Fixed a rather odd broken sector on the big water slide. (It acted like a broken sector but wasn't actually broken.)
  • Fixed not being able to get Tails' emblem and restored the FOFs that go over the spike balls in that room.
  • Did a find/replace to get rid of the old lava textures/flats and replace with the new ones.
  • Restored the springs used to propel oneself out of the lava after collecting the emerald token to their former location.
  • Moved a spring that was in a strange location to a more logical one. It probably still isn't quite right, but it is good enough for now.
  • Added three springs in various inescapable places if you were invincible or had an elemental shield.
  • Added a closing rock door to seal players in so they cannot jump on the platform with the end sign, then escape the room before the lava rises up in single player.
  • Fixed the RVZ1 lower path where the lava wouldn't hurt the player as it drained down the shaft.
  • Put an invisible barrier over the other end of the shrink machine, so one cannot shrink, go through backward and spam the sound indefinitely. You can still naturally use the machine as many times as you want, provided it is in the forward direction.
  • Couldn't outright fix sprites being messed up upon hitting the death pit, but fiddled with the half light blocks to more or less mask it.
Race maps:
  • Fixed some borders not having grass in Emerald Coast.
CTF maps:
  • Fixed a problem where bits of a third flag appeared in Lime Forest.
  • Fixed the center monitor being with the grenade ring, instead of on top of the center tower in Nimbus Ruins.
  • Fixed a ring box not spawning in its intended place in Silver Cascade
  • 90% sure that all emerald spawn points in Silver Cascade are now accessible. For some reason, there were redundant FOFs used in certain areas, which made the actual floor height different, and hence emeralds spawning beneath the "floor." Said FOFs have been removed, and emeralds should no longer spawn in inaccessible areas.

Keep 'em coming folks.
Now that's a real game logo.
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Formerly known as 'Neo'
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Greenflower Zone 2: misaligned main texture (only this side)

Red Volcano Zone 1:

Missing lava in a sector.

Misplaced diagonal red spring (it's supposed to be on the ledge below).

Yeah, the was the other misplaced spring I fixed last night. It still doesn't propel you properly to the rock its facing, but then again I'm not sure it ever did. The layout will probably need to be changed in a future version to make more sense. -Jazz

This FOF doesn't sink enough to hurt you anymore.

Egg Rock Zone 1:

Missing lower texture on the floor crusher (only becomes a problem once it moves in-game).

This glass FOF is too short; the player can wedge him self into a spin and go over it right out into the decorative outer space area.

Egg Rock Zone 2:

The thick brim over the skinnier laser boxes don't actually have any laser in them (it cuts off early) and the pit below lacks the light blocks that form the black gradient.

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Goes by Kirboy in netgames
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Default Bandwagon time!

Knux can climb on the far side of lavafalls in this stage.

And no God mode was not on

In the end it provides a nice hiding spot for Knuckles!

You can move up further if you wish.
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footure semen
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Netplay Problem: Instead of being able to select the name of a server, you select a blank space above the name.

Spazzo Edit: Works for me? Screenshot?
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123 Runite
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Wow, most of Neo Chaotikal's bugs were already reported in v2.0.4 and have not yet been fixed prior to v2.0.5's release.

In Cooperative mode, lives still reset back to 3 upon entering the next level in rotation.

FPS counter can reach above 35:
~123 Runite

The large, "epic" single player level, Oceanic Cove Zone is released here. I humbly encourage you to view it. If you've played through it, please get comments going! This will help me. Thanks.

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